How Much Jake Paul & Mike Tyson Could Bank From Their Fight? and Expert Opinions!

Are you a boxing enthusiast? Then you may already know about the Clash of the Year, between Mike Tyson & Jake Paul. But do you know how much they will be taking home for the fight, Let’s find out through this article, if you are not aware of the upcoming battle, here is a glimpse into it. YouTube star Jake Paul is gearing up for a blockbuster showdown with the iconic ex-world champion Mike Tyson. Mark your calendars for July 20th, as this highly anticipated match is set to go down at the sprawling AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. With live coverage streaming on Netflix.

How Much Jake & Mike Will Earn?

For the upcoming battle with Jake Paul, Tyson is reportedly set to bag double his $10 million payout. From his most recent exhibition match against Roy Jones Jr, with a $20 million payday for facing Paul, as noted by UFC legend Henry Cejudo. While specifics of Paul’s earnings for this fight remain under wraps. He previously secured a minimum of $7 million for his last battle against Andre August.

Experts’ View on The Battle

As the match date draws closer, the internet is ablaze with excitement and predictions. Tyson shared an adrenaline-pumping training video for the upcoming boxing match on X. Boldly challenging Jake Paul with a “You still wanna mess with me?” He’s also kept fans updated with three additional training videos to date.

Following Tyson’s training videos, Jake Paul responded on X with a post saying, “Yes Yes, I do.”

In a video, Tyron Woodley, a former opponent of Paul’s, suggested that Mike Tyson’s sheer physical strength could enable him to execute a series of moves powerful enough to cause significant internal damage to Jake Paul.

A UFC welterweight contender Matt Brown expressed his view. He mentioned that facing Mike Tyson in the ring is a no-win situation for Jake Paul. The dilemma lies in the optics: losing to a man in his 60s could be embarrassing, yet defeating someone of that age may not significantly bolster Paul’s reputation.

This matchup not only promises to be a landmark event in the world of sports but also a testament to the unpredictable nature of boxing, where legends and newcomers alike share the spotlight. it’s your turn to answer the question, who will win the Clash of the Year?

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