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How Can QR Codes Level Up Your Mid-Year Sales Operations?

Have you been selling online and tried your best, yet still don’t sell enough to reach your monthly revenue? QR codes are a useful tool to level up your online store sales and operations. 

Don’t know how to start using one? This article will help you boost your mid-year sales with every scan. 

Let’s start by knowing what a free QR code generator online is and how it works. 

QR code definition and functions

A QR code, known as a quick response code, is an advanced type of barcode that people can scan in horizontal and vertical positions. This barcode type uses four encoding systems: bit, binary, alphanumeric, and kanji, to accommodate different data types. 

These codes were first used to label car parts during an assembly process 27 years ago. With the intensive innovations made with these two-dimensional barcodes, QR codes have grown quite popular and can now be seen in malls, schools, hospitals, and more.

Today, you can easily generate a QR code using reliable QR code generator software. 

QR codes function as a lightweight gateway for people to access information by scanning one using their smartphone’s QR code scanner app. 

In the business sector, these 2D barcodes enable business owners to grow their sales and brand visibility, thanks to its scan and view feature. 

Now that you know what a QR code is and how they function, you can take the next step in boosting your mid-year sales in the following ways.

How to use QR codes and level up your mid-year sales operations

Promote offline to online channels

You can use QR codes to endorse your products offline and online to expand your customer base. You will only need to create and place a QR code in some of your print marketing materials. 

But as you are incorporating QR codes in sales, it is still essential to follow the QR code generating and printing guidelines to avoid any marketing mishaps. 

If you make a mistake attaching the content, it is best to use a dynamic QR code as the content is editable anytime and anywhere. 

Make repeat purchases easy

According to MyCustomer, repeat buyers spend an average of 33% more per order than others.

So, it is essential to attract your one-time customers to revisit your online store and successfully make another purchase. 

Luckily, QR codes are the best lightweight and cost-friendly tool that you can use to conveniently redirect your customers to your online store by scanning one on your product packaging and other print resources. 

Vodafone uses QR codes to encourage customers to buy or upgrade their plans through a magazine page they paid for marketing. 

Store and offer discounts or coupons to redeem

Online sellers can use QR codes to store discounts or coupons that customers can redeem by scanning and copying the code using one. 

You can also showcase the items currently on sale by creating a digital discount brochure and store them in a PDF QR code for customers to scan offline. 

Through this, your customers offline can be informed about the discounted items during the mid-year sale and visit the store to check them out. 

Market and foster a brand-based campaign

Do you want to instil brand-based marketing but don’t know how to start? 

You can try using a QR code generator with logo software to customize your QR code design and match it to your current mid-year sale marketing flyers. 

Branded QR codes have the highest chance of getting more scan impressions and conversions than the normal ones since 65% of the population are visual learners. 

Use data to set out your subsequent marketing campaigns

Want to use data to know if your current marketing campaigns work? Dynamic QR codes can cover you with their track data feature. 

Using one, you can get all the essential data to compare the marketing campaigns you set out locally and internationally. 

The vital data you can get includes:

  • The total number of scans.
  • Location of the scans made.
  • Days where the scans mostly happen.
  • The type of device used in scanning. 

Throughout the years, QR codes have substantially simplified many hurdles and complications that many businesses faced.

As it is built to provide a convenient way to relay information and other business-related endeavors, QR codes open many new opportunities for businesses to market their products and services.  If you are an online seller and are currently running a mid-year sale campaign, upgrade your sales operations and boost your sales using QR codes today.

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