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Cleaning company offers Professional cleaning

Cleaning company offers Professional cleaning

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Service is a professional cleaning company and a service company located. We offer cleaning and services, wrapped in unique and flexible solution models for both private individuals and companies all over Zealand and throughout Copenhagen.

We use our professional knowledge to put together with our customers unique solutions that are tailored exactly to their wishes and needs. Sometimes there is a need for changes in the solution that has been made. Therefore, we allow things to change from day to day. This is just one of the many things we understand by being a serious and proper service and Rengøringsservice cleaning company.

Commercial cleaning in Slaelse for large and small companies

We offer commercial cleaning for both small and large companies. Therefore, it does not matter that you should have cleaned every day or once a week. We adapt the need of your company for commercial cleaning.

If you choose a commercial cleaning from Service, you have secured a serious cleaning company in Slag else, which listens and acts on the basis of your wishes and needs. This applies regardless of whether you are a small or large customer at Service.

Private cleaning 

Do you need private cleaning in Slag else or elsewhere on Zealand? As a cleaning company, we can help you with that. Read more about private cleaning Read more about commercial cleaning.

Quality assurance of both cleaning and service

We strive to deliver what has been agreed and therefore we always use quality assurance to ensure that we live up to what has been agreed.

Within commercial cleaning, we offer to make use of for our commercial cleaning. It is an easy and safe way to make an effective quality assurance of the performed cleaning Erhvervsrengøring. If you are not a business customer or if you want another form of quality assurance of your cleaning, we of course also offer this.

Our quality assurance is both yours and our assurance that you get what you pay for.

The environment is in focus

As a cleaning company and service company, we focus on the environment. This means that we only use Nordic cleaning products to the extent possible. We also use as little water as possible in our work. Throughout our work processes, we focus on making use of the “from cradle to grave” principle. We care about the environment and you can also help by choosing a cleaning solution from Service.

The employees must be the best

At Service, we believe that the best way forward for a cleaning company and service company is skilled employees. Employees who know the value of their work and who have a solid knowledge that is both professionally and theoretically based. Therefore, we go up in our employees are continuously trained Flytterengøring, so they are constantly updated with the latest knowledge in their field. It is also our employees who must help make Service the best cleaning company and the best service company. That is why we have a strong focus on the importance of knowledge sharing and innovation among our employees.

The cleaning contract

As a cleaning company in Slagelse, we will provide the best cleaning, with the best start-up. Therefore, we make sure to start drafting a thorough cleaning contract. This helps to ensure that any misunderstandings are caught before the start of cleaning.

This gives you as a customer an easy start to your new cleaning.

This is how we ensure a good start to your cleaning

Already after the first cleaning, we perform a quality check to ensure the quality lives up to the agreed. This ensures a good start to your cleaning in Slagelse, from day one.

After the first cleaning has been done, you will receive a short call, where we will check whether you are completely satisfied with the cleaning performed.

In addition, a status meeting will typically be held within 5 to 14 days. There we will review whether changes are needed.

We also take care of the floors

At Service, we have a high level of knowledge within cleaning and this also applies when it comes to maintenance of different types of flooring. This applies whether it is floors of concrete, marble split, linoleum, wood floors or other types of floors. This means that your floors are always in safe hands and are always cleaned and maintained in the best possible way.

Service covers Slagelse and the rest of Zealand

As a cleaning company, we cover Slagelse and the whole of Zealand. We perform cleaning and service throughout and the rest of Zealand. If you want an offer for cleaning from Service, contact us and have a completely non-binding talk about what a cleaning and service solution can look like..

Visit this site for more info: zeelase

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