Grills For Your Taste: Choosing Between Weber And Coyote

Grills For Your Taste: Choosing Between Weber And Coyote

For those who are serious about grilling, the choice of a cooking appliance is crucial. With so many options available, how can a person know which one to buy? The choice may be easier than a person thinks. 

For example, when a person goes to compare Webers and Coyotes, they will find many similarities. However, there are key differences between the two. These differences often dictate which model a person should buy. What should every consumer know about these brands? 

The Manufacturer

Weber is a company based in Chicago, Illinois. Established approximately 70 years ago, the inspiration for the Weber grill came from a buoy. A metal worker by the name of George Stephen was making buoys when he decided to make a grill in a similar shape. Today, these grills come in many forms, including gas and charcoal options. 

Coyote grills are a much newer addition to the grill industry. Established in 2010, this company fills a gap in the market. Jim Ginocchi recognized consumers only had two options when they wanted a grill. They could choose a big-box store model or one that would cost them an arm and a leg. He founded a grill company that fulfills the needs of those who want more than a basic grill but can’t justify the luxury models sold by many specialty retailers today. 

Grill Materials

One thing a person should consider when buying a grill is the construction materials. When a person chooses to buy a Weber grill, they will find the components are made from several materials. For example, 304 grade stainless steel makes up the cooking grates and exterior hood of the S-460 and S-660 grills, while the manufacturer uses 430 stainless steel for the burners. 

When looking at the control panel, a person will find it is made using 429 stainless steel. The firebox, on the other hand, is constructed from porcelainized steel. With so many materials used in one grill, the owner might find they need to repair or replace parts frequently to keep the unit up and running. 

In contrast, Coyote grills are made using only 304 stainless steel. A person won’t need to worry about replacing various components of the grill sooner than others. This grade of steel offers superior rust and corrosion resistance, so a person knows they can grill easily for years to come when one of these models is selected. 

Optional Accessories

Where Weber really stands out is in the optional accessories offered. For example, a person might wish to invest in the rotisserie skewer set so they can make kabobs as well as grilling burgers. Many people find their grilling experience isn’t complete without the chimney charcoal starter, while others couldn’t live without the grilling stones. Thanks to the wide range of accessories Weber offers, every person will find those items needed to make their grilling experience complete. 

Coyote offers a smaller line of accessories for its grills, but users state these items are outstanding and add to their enjoyment of the grill. For instance, the drop-in griddle allows them to make breakfast while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. They can also add a smoker box or invest in a rotisserie kit. While the selection isn’t as broad as that seen with Weber, the items offered are outstanding in every way. 

These are only a few of many things to consider when purchasing a new grill. Other factors to consider include customer support and price. Take time to compare several options to find a model that meets your needs in every way and will last for years to come.

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