Flintz and T4ylor met the first time and won Golden Buzzer

Flintz and T4ylor met the first time and won Golden Buzzer

The golden button has not been a strange thing to the BGT. A dental technician and a musical influencer were the last two to claim the particular title. This time I just did not come with astonishment but the tears as well. This article will explain those two personals and what happened on the Golden Buzzer winning night.  

How did Flintz and T4ylor meet?

The capabilities and the interests were different between these two. But, one of the common interests, using Instagram, had kept them closed during the pandemic situation. Flintz and T4ylor revealed that the audition was the first time they really met as well. At that point, it seemed that the pandemic, meeting for the first time and being young and their abilities were sort of new things.

Flintz and T4ylor in Britain's Got Talent, Golden Buzzer due Flintz and Tylor at BGT 2022
Flintz and T4ylor in Britain’s Got Talent


● Flintz Biography

The 22-year-old Flint is the elder one in the group, and he is from Croydon. Quacey Goodman is his real name as well. He has not had an academic influence as teen relationships, as well as the target set by Flint, were not good according to him. He is a dental technician, and his workplace is not known.

Flint had revealed after the victory that the relationships he had earlier were not the ones he could be happy with. Thanks to his mother and father, he had been able to get rid of them. The rapping is where he has developed his skills, and the family is the main part of it. At present, Flintz does not have affairs, relationships, or special friends except Tylor.

● Family

Flintz family has come to BGT auditions. He has two younger brothers with his parents in the family. His family seemed that the family was his most powerful inspiration as his parents had come into the BGT. According to Flintz or Quacey Goodman, his education is what his family had granted him. Flintz has brothers, and he has not talked much about them either except the words in his rap he performed at BGT.

● Social media

Flintz is all over social media. He has 384 followers on Twitter, 29.3 followers on Instagram, 22.5K Followers on TikTok, 93 followers on Soundcloud, and 1k subscribers on YouTube. Flintz is more interested in Instagram than any other social media platform. He does lots of raps, and all his social media accounts are for that. 


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● Biography

Taylor Bennett was the one to come as T4ylor to the audition. The 17-year-old pianist is from Birmingham, where he is schooling and living with his family. It seemed that Tylor had not made any wrong oath selections and special attention to his childhood like Flintz. He is a regular student who has developed some set of skills related to Piano. Piano skill is the discovered field of the boy, and he did it well that night.

● Family

Tylor did not have to say much about the family. However, there will be more things to come through his words such as where Tylor is from BGT schooling, the past he had, and the career paths will come out soon from him.

● Social media

Instagram is where Tylor has gotten the most attention as a social media platform. He has got 19.7 followers there, and he keeps posting media related to family, Piano, and his upcoming events.

T4ylor (Taylor Bennett)
T4ylor (Taylor Bennett Britain’s Got Talent)

What happened at Britain’s Got Talent auditions?

The vibe given by Flintz and T4ylor was a great one from the very beginning. When they said that they had not met before, the audience was happy to hear that. They revealed that their intention was not only to take part in the BGT but for people to remember their skills as one of the greatest duos.

The song was an original that Flintz created. It was about how Flintz’s brother inspired him. Tylor backed him with the Piano, and the music composing was from him. The audience went into silence after Flints stopped rapping, and that was it.

All four judges stood up, and that was the very first response. Amanda appreciated, “Everything was so clear and so passionate. I loved hearing your story.” Simon added a few more words and said, “I love that, and everything was just brilliant” in the end.

“Nothing makes me happier than seeing young musicians,” said Alesha. After that, she gave the duo to get into the semis by pressing the gold buzzer.

Flintz and T4yler Career

Neither T4ylor and Flintzr has had much of a career, as this is the very first performance they had together. But, Flintz has got a bit of experience as he has been appearing on his YouTube video and featured on Bowman’s Grime Single track ‘Break It.’ uploaded by GRM Daily YouTube Channel.

Flintz and T4lor net worth

The approximate Flintz and Tylor net worth is around USD 10,000 at the end of 2022. They are currently accepting shows, and they will get more than that if they win the title at the BGT semis.


This article explained how the duo performed in the GAT on their first act and the very basic things about them as well. It was just the beginning, and they have a long way ahead as a duo. The straight ticket to the semis showed how much potential they had as well. There will be more things to bring to you, and they will be updated soon.


How old are Flintz and T4ylor?

Flintz is 22 years old, and Tylor Is just 17 this year.

Did Flintz and Tylor go to the semifinals in BGT?

 Yes, they got gold buzzer access which sent them straight into the BGT semifinals.

Did Flintz and T4ylor win the BGT?

No, they did not win the BGT title. They just got the golden buzzer.

Are Flintz and Tylor dating?

No, they are just friends and working as a duo.

What is Flintz and Tylor real names?

Flintz real name is Quacey Goodman and T4ylor rea name is Taylor Bennett.

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