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Dianne Holechek Net Worth, Marriage Life & Where She Is Now

Dianne Holechek, a former actress and model, is best known as Chuck Norris‘s ex-wife. Currently, she resides in Bel-Air house in California with her family. Regardless of being linked to a famous person, Dianne was a talented actress and model. Accordingly, she has acquired a net worth of around 10 million USD as of 2023. 

Dianne is 81 years old as of 2023 and is probably spending time with her kids and grandchildren. Keep Reading to learn more about her marriage life, net worth, and some latest news.

In writing this article, we gathered information from many resources including Wikipedia, IMDb, and social media. Keep reading to find out more interesting facts about Melia.

Dianne Holechek with her son Mike Norris
Dianne Holechek with her son Mike Norris

Dianne Holechek’s net worth.

According to sources, Dianne has acquired a net worth of 10 Million USD. Dianne’s former acting and modeling career made up a large part of her net worth. As she is out of the spotlight now, There is not much information about her other possible income sources. 

Dianne’s ex-husbandChuck Norris, has a net worth of 70 Million USD. However, when Chuck and DiannadivorceDianna must receive alimony from Chuck Noris. But there are no pieces of information about alimony until today.

Dianne Holechek married life

Dianne Holechek and Chuck Norris were high school friends from Torrance, California. In 1958, Chuck enlisted in the US Air Force as an Air Policeman. Later, as part of his career as an air policeman, he was sent to South Korea. Then Dianne and Norris were in a long distant-relationship for a while, and they used to communicate through letters. Norris proposed to Dianne through letters. In December 1958, they tied the knot.

Chuck Norris was 18 years old, and Dianne was 17 when they married. They spent their four-day honeymoon in Big Bear, California and they have two sons together. They gave birth to their eldest son Michael R. Norris in 1962. Their youngest, Eric Norris, was born in 1965. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t work out, and they divorced in 1989.

Dianne Holechek’s children are pursuing successful careers, and they have kids as well. Dianne’s eldest, Mike Norris, is an actor and a director. He is married to Valerie Norris. They have three children together. The Youngest son Eric Norris is a former stock car racing driver and stuntman. He is married to Stephanie Norris, and they have four children together.

Why did Dianne Holechek and Chuck Norris divorce?

Dianne Holechek and Norris were a celebrated couple in Hollywood. Yet their love story of more than three decades ended. Dianne Holechek divorced Chuck Norris as he was engaged in an extramarital affair.

Chuck was involved with a person called Joanne in the same year Dianne gave birth to their eldest. He has a daughter from that relationship as well. Chuck Norris’s extramarital affair was one of the main reasons that eroded their marriage.

In 1998, Chuck Norris got Married to the former model Gena O’Kelly. In August 2001, they welcomed twins, Dakota and Danilee. However, Dianne did not get married after the divorce from her ex-husband, Chuck Norris.

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Dianne Holechek grandchildren  

Dianne is a grandmother of seven children of her two sons, Mike and Eric.

Greta Norris and Max Norris.

Max and Greta are non-identical twins. They were born on the 7th of January 2000. The twins are 23 years old. They are the children of Dianne’s eldest son Mike Norris.

Greta is a content creator and she has a significant following on TikTok. According to her TikTok account, Greta seems to be a huge Post-Malone fan.

Max is the only boy in the family of Eric Norris. He majored in arts at university and he is an artist now. He is also a skillful football player who played for his school and college as well. 

Moreover, Max once contested for the Claim to Fame reality show, yet he was disqualified in the first round since he broke a certain rule.

Hanna Norris

Hanna Norris is the eldest daughter of Mike Norris. She was born in 1995, which makes her 28 years old. She got engaged to her fiance Jay Carlie in June 2022. Hannah loves to travel to India and she often travels there and doesn’t forget to do some charity for people in need.

Camrynn Norris

Camrynn Norris is the eldest Child of Dianne Holcheck’s son Eric Norris. She was born in 1995, which makes her 28 years old.

Chloe Norris

Chloe Noris is the second born of Eric Norris and was born in 1998 which makes her 23 years old this year. She attended Arizona State University same as her parents.

Chantz Norris

Chantz is the third child of Eric Norris. There is not much information about her. She was born in 2000, Chantz attended St. Margaret’s Episcopal School and she enjoys photography a lot.

Cash Norris

Cash is the youngest child of Eric Norris and was born in 2010, which makes him 13 years old in 2023. He is a very friendly and active kid. He enjoys outdoor activities and spends his leisure time practicing skating.

All of the Grandchildren of Dianne Holechek seem to be very close to her. Max Norris especially does not miss out on posting pictures with his grandmother on his social media.

Dianne Holechek’s biography and early life 

Dianne Kay Holcheck (82) was born on the 27th of November 1941. She was born and brought up in Los Angeles, California. Dianne Completed her education at Torrance high school. Information about her parents is not available since Dianne is a person who values her privacy a lot. She got married very young, at the age of 17 and got divorced when she was 31.

Age82 years old
Networth10 Million USD
Height5 feet 7 inches
SpouseWas married to Chuck Norris
Marital status Divorced
Grand Children7
Movies/ TV showsHollywood ’84 


Despite being famous as the actor Chuck Norris’s high school sweetheart, Dianne was also in the entertainment field. She is a former actor and a model. Dianne entered her acting career through the series Hollywood 84 in 1984. Nevertheless, she was always famous for being Chuck Norris’s wife at the time. After Dianne divorced Norris, she didn’t want to be in the spotlight anymore.


Dianne Holechek is now living an extraordinary life as a proud grandmother of seven grandchildren. When she was young, she received a lot of love from her fans for being the beautiful wife of Chuck Norris. Even Though youngsters today are not familiar with her, Dianne has many people who love her even today.


Who is Dianne Holechek?

Dianne Holcheck is a former actress and model. Mostly known as the wife of Chuck Norris.

How old is Dianne Holechek?

Dianne turns 82 this November.

Who is Dianne Holechek married to?

Dianne Holchek was married to Chuck Norris. They got divorced later after 30 years of being together.

Who was Chuck Norris’s first wife?

Chuck Norris’s first wife is Dianne Holechek. They got married in 1958.

Is Dianne Holechek still alive?

Yes, Dianne Holechek is still alive and 82 years old as of 2023.

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