Meet Aerial Act Duo Mico’ Max and Carolina from AGT 2022

Meet Aerial Act Duo Mico’ Max and Carolina from AGT 2022

Aerial Act Duo Mico has secured the early release spot of AGT for this week. This is a much quick and fast-paced aerialist performance by a couple over the years past. They bring judges on the edge of their seats with incredible aerial duo act. Finally, the Duo Mico left their mark on America’s Got Talent stage that aired on 26th July 2022 at 8.00 PM on NBC.

Who is AGT Aerial Act Duo Mico?

Max and Carolina are the performers behind the Aerial Act Duo Mico. They are professionals in performing duo aerial straps acts. Carolina has some experience with AGT as she participated in the AGT season 12. In that season she performed a rollerball act with her husband. At this time, this newly coupled aerial duo brought something unique and different to the stage.

Max and Carolina Biography


Carolina is from Boston Massachusetts. Carolina’s actual name is Caroline Rinny. But her birth name is Caroline Huang. Initially, she went to Barrington High School. Then, Rinny went to Northeastern University for her higher studies. She has a degree related to business. She also studied at Beijing Language and Culture University.

After graduation, she decided to join the circus full-time. She is a professional aerialist. AGT Caroline is an American. Her ethnicity is Asian. Rinny’s zodiac sign is Libra. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall. Her approximate weight is 55kg. Carline is a former circus artist at Circus Circus Reno, Cirque Du Soleil Xintiandi.

Caroline Rinny from Aerial Act Due Mico
Caroline Rinny from Aerial Act Due Mico


Max’s real name is Maxime Piche Luneau. He currently resides in Montreal Canada. Max may be in his twenties in his age. Piche had graduated from Ecole Nationale de Cirque. Then he went on to perform in Montreal, Saudi Arabia, and Japan. Max is a Canadian.

He is a circus performer and professional aerialist. Max is a permanent member of Aerial Duo Mico. He performs both as an individual and Duo Mico. Piche has his own performing events.

Maxime Piche Luneau Aerial Act Due Mico
Maxime Piche Luneau Aerial Act Due Mico

Family and relationship

Carolina’s husband’s name is Jonathan Rinny. He is the person who operates the winches for the duo Mico act. Her mother’s name is Felicia Sun. Felicia is a Neurosurgery Resident at Brown University.

Caroline’s mother is a former dance instructor at  Fly Club Chicago. Her mother’s family currently resides in Providence, Rhode Island. No information about her dad. But her mother Felicia is in a relationship with Misha Herscu. There is nothing about Maxime’s family and relationships.

Who is Carolina’s husband?

Caroline’s husband’s name is Jonathan Rinny. He is the person who performed with Carolina in Season 12. In this season Jonathan plays a big role as the technical operator for the Aerial Duo. He is operating the winch. Jonathan is the person who is assisting them behind the scenes. He is a 4th generation circus performer.

Jonathan Rinny from Aerial Du0 Nico
Jonathan Rinny from Aerial Du0 Nico

What happened at America’s Got Talent audition?

After coming to the AGT stage, Caroline explains her participation in season 12 with her husband. “Our dream is to open a show and promote our art to the world” Carolina declares their dreams before the shocking act. The lady promises to perform something new and original rather than a common act to the judges.

Carolina finishes the act by going top onto the straps and letting herself go. Max effortlessly caught her before she falls to the stage. After the performance, “I have never seen that before” Howie says as he stands with his feet. The early release video cuts off before the judges give their judgment. It seems like the act will receive four yeses and advance on to the Judge Cuts round.


Arial Duo Mico started in 2019. They got an invitation from Cirque du Soleil and performed in Hangzhou, China for the first time. After three months Caroline, Max, and Jonathan create this group. Carolina and Max debuted their act as a group in X, the Land of Fantasy.

They participated in China’s Got Talent in 2021 and won the Golden Buzzer. Then Duo Mico appeared at the Festival International del Circ in Spain. AGT Aerial Duo Mico has several upcoming festivals this year.

Social Media

Their performance on AGT earned an early release for this week. The video is getting viral. It has amassed over 380k views within 18 hours. Caroline Rinny has her own YouTube channel. It has 421 subscribers in it. AGT Duo Mico has its own Instagram account. They have 3029 followers in it. Duo Mico has dropped 56 posts into it.

Caroline has her own Instagram account with 9318 followers. She has an active Instagram account with 755 posts. Maxime’s Instagram account has 3280 followers. He has already uploaded 100 posts to it. Both of them have their own Facebook accounts.

Aerial Act Duo Mico Net Worth

There are no exact figures on their net worth. But they earn a good income from their performances in famous festivals, events, shows, and circuses. Also, Duo Mico performed individually in their own concerts.


Although most of their career facts are in this article, there is nothing much about Max’s personal life, family, and relationships. No information about their net worth. There is no information about Carolina’s father. It is great to see a young couple representing two countries performing together with shocking acts. However, you have to wait until they do something special in the near future.


How old are Carolina and Max?

Aerial Act Duo Mico may be in their twenties. Max’s approximate birth year is 1998.

Where is Aerial Act Duo Mico from?

The Duo’s lady Carolina is from Boston Massachusetts and Max is from Montreal, Canada.

What is Aerial Act Duo Mico’s real name?

Duo Mico’s real names are Caroline Rinny and Maxime Piche Luneau.

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