6 Top Reasons Why Your Packing Process Needs a Strapping Machine

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Are you looking for a solution to streamline your company’s packaging process? Do you need a more dependable type of strapping to keep your heavy packages from moving around during transport? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then this article is for you. 

An automated strapping machine is an answer to all your packaging issues. Besides offering a more controlled and consistent process, it’s also one of the best ways to reduce labour costs in the packaging department. 

What Exactly Is a Strapping Machine?

Essentially, strapping machines speed up the process of wrapping cartons or pallets in cabled plastic to prevent the product from getting damaged during transit. They’re available in a range of different types and sizes. 

Many strapping machines are available in both automatic and semi-automatic options. Since these machines offer high speeds and boast adjustable tensions, they’re ideal for large box strapping as well. The good news is that there’s a strapping machine to suit any budget and output. 

How Do Strapping Machines Work?

If you’ve ever used a vacuum sealer machine of any kind then you know how much simpler correctly packaging a product makes its transport and storage. Depending on the product, you may even increase the shelf life. 

While a strapping machine works a little different to a vacuum sealer, the results are similarly impressive. Each model might work slightly different depending on its specifications, but the general principle is as follows:

  • Pre-set your strapping machine to the package size
  • Sensors will detect the presence of the box or pallet
  • A spool or pulley system then feeds the strap around the product—since this motion is mechanical, it happens quite quickly
  • An employee can easily rotate the product or alternatively, opt for a larger, high-end machine and the rotation also becomes automated

Adding a strapping machine to your assembly line will easily speed up the strapping process as there’s no waiting for a person to place and remove the product.

Effective Ways a Strapping Machine Can Benefit Your Business

With the advancements in modern technology, more business owners are looking for machines that can streamline various processes. Our packing experts have highlighted a few of the top ways a strapping machine will benefit your business process and ensure a high ROI too.

  1. Better Efficiency

For starters, an automated strapping machine will create a more efficient operation. All the operator has to do is pre-set the sizes and strap settings based on the size of the pallet, bundle or carton. The machine then does the work with little oversight from the operator. 

An arch-less strapping machine can easily wrap between 6-10 total straps under a minute whereas their arched counterparts can wrap an average of 60 straps at the same time. Considering that the average box has two straps, you can easily see the increase in efficiency compared to manual methods.

  1. Reduced Labour Costs

The money you save by reducing labour costs will easily allow you to cover the costs of an automated strapping machine. This is because the machine does the work that would ordinarily have happened manually. Since these machines are remarkably efficient, you’ll also save a considerable amount of time on each packaging task. 

  1. Accurate and Consistent

Hand strapping and wrapping processes often lack consistency from one package to another. This is a problem if you’re trying to improve quality and create a certain level of uniformity within your brand. Strapping machines are accurate and wrap each product as per the pre-set settings. 

  1. Increased Productivity

Every business owner welcomes an increase in productivity. With a strapping machine, you’ll easily increase your output because strapping occurs much faster. 

  1. Safe To Use

Automated strapping machines are easy to use and very safe to operate, requiring minimal oversight. The user simply pre-sets the machine and follows a few simple instructions. Depending on the model you opt for, you can add the strapping machines to the end of an assembly line as part of a bigger process. 

  1. Better Protection During Transit

Many businesses lose a lot of revenue every year due to products damaged in transit. Some of this occurs as a result of insufficient packaging. With a strapping machine, products are more securely wrapped and strapped and form a tighter bundle. This in turn, results in less shifting around during transit.

The content of each package also has more support. Couriers or warehouse staff can then carry or handle the package using the straps rather than damaging the box (and the contents) when carrying it around. 

Final Thought

Strapping machines are excellent for quickly wrapping and strapping any amount of product. It’s also a great way to securely fasten products that need long distance transporting.

Besides speeding up the wrapping and strapping process, the right size machine cuts down on labour time and costs. Choosing speed and efficiency over a manual process will have an incredibly positive effect on your bottom line! 

See how many reasons you have to upgrade your equipment now?

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