map of the cities with booming entrepreneurship communities

Top 7 Cities with Booming Entrepreneurship Communities 

Do you have a great business idea but you feel that your current location is not ready for it? You’re right if you still hesitate to start. The surroundings are one of the biggest factors in business success. The place you start a business will determine a lot about your new company, so it’s important to pick wisely. To make things easier, we’ve come up with a list of the top 7 cities with booming entrepreneurship communities you should check out. Don’t risk anything but go to one of these business hubs where your chances for success will be the highest.

Why does location matter in business?

Sometimes even the best business idea won’t work if the business is not located in the right place. The reason is that location plays a big role in reaching your career goals, and there are a couple of reasons for it. Here are the main benefits of choosing a city with a booming entrepreneurship community as your next business location:

  • Access to a bigger talent pool – making an idea and a dream come true is only possible if you have the people who know how to do that. Choose a city where it’s easy to find talented people who will work with you toward the same goal. 
  • It’s easier to find a partner – businesses grow together, so it’s much better to be in a place where it’s simple to connect to the business you have something in common;
  • Finding customers is a lot simpler – even though some would be afraid of competition, living in a bigger city with a lot of potentials gives you the opportunity to reach a much wider audience. Your target customers will recognize your qualities – but you need to play the marketing card right
  • Space for improvement – it’s easy to overgrow a small city that has a standard, limited population. Bigger cities not only have more residents, but they also often have more tourists and new people coming there every day. This allows you to grow and improve above the limits you once found difficult to reach. 

Top 7 cities with booming entrepreneurship

Considering a couple of different factors such as the number of start-ups, tax breaks, cost of living, and the city’s general ability to embrace diversity and welcome new ideas – we’ve come up with the list of the top 7 locations in the country.

  1. Atlanta, Georgia 

Atlanta is a city where the startup culture is on the rise, which makes it more and more popular among young entrepreneurs. People who decide to start a business here will enjoy a hospitable environment that allows them to grow with many resources for entrepreneurs they can use to improve their goods and services. Furthermore, the cost of running a business in Atlanta is 7% below the national average, which is another reason why the level of entrepreneurship is constantly growing. 

  1. Baltimore, Maryland

This Maryland gem is surely one of the top cities with booming entrepreneurship communities. Compared to the last couple of years, the number of applications for new business in Maryland is almost two times the national average. And you guessed it right – many of these applicants are located in Baltimore. However, with so many people looking for a spot in the city, there might be strong competition when it comes to renting an office for your startup. A2B Moving and Storage experts suggest you make plans as early as possible or choose the off-peak season when moving your office and home to this amazing city. 

  1. San Diego, California 

You might think we would include Los Angeles or San Francisco instead, it’s actually San Diego is California’s top pick when it comes to top cities with booming entrepreneurship communities. With the state being a business hub for years, the city has a solid foundation to be the rising star of the show. The city has in climbing the ladder of popularity among young entrepreneurs, creating a unique community that wants to grow together. 

  1. Austin, Texas 

With zero income tax rate and relatively low cost of starting a business, it’s no wonder why Austin is home to many tech giants and growing companies. The city is all about business growth and presents a perfect environment to start taking steps toward success

buildings in Austin, Texas 

  1. Richmond, Virginia

Even though it’s not the biggest city on the list, it’s growing pretty fast determined to take over the national business scene. Richmond, VA is a favorite among entrepreneurs from the tech industry, attracting more and more people from the country each year. Other powerful industries include transportation, knowledge-related industries, medicine, and finances – so it’s fairly easy to find an opportunity tailored to your business idea. Start making moving plans as soon as possible, and let experts jump in when you need to relocate your equipment to the new Richmond office space.

  1. Cincinnati, Ohio

Another amazing city is emerging in the entrepreneurial scene, attracting business from all over the country. Cincinnati is constantly growing, encouraging more startups to begin their journey here. It’s the location of multiple major companies, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider it as a suitable location for starting a business. 

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  1. Tampa, Florida 

Finally, let’s go south for the last item on our list. The Sunshine State is the place we wound a city with a booming entrepreneurship community – and that’s Tampa. It’s said that there are about 12 businesses for every 100 residents and that only means the climate is good for all those who want to start building their careers. Tampa is very popular among entrepreneurs for various reasons – favorable tax situation, a rather simple process of starting a business, and affordability. Finally, the climate is something we can’t forget to mention – all the sunshine and water can only be an advantage!

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