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What’s Really in Your E-Juice?

Are you wondering what’s in your e-juice?

For starters, e-juice is a product that is used in a variety of vaporizers. You can get a ton of incredible flavors with or without any nicotine. The e-liquid you fill into your vaping device can make or break the experience because the whole point is to enjoy all the amazing tastes with each hit.

These are the ingredients that go into your e-juice flavors.

Propylene Glycol (PG)

Propylene Glycol is a top ingredient in vape juice and one of the most common refills you will find yourself buying. PG enhances flavors by leaving a strong taste in the back of your throat, but it is not too harsh.

It is odorless with a slightly sweet taste, and it is safe to inhale. The only downside is that PG does not produce as much vapor as Vegetable Glycerin, so you may not prefer to use it for cloud chasing or doing neat vape tricks.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) makes up about 80-90% of your e-liquid. Many consumers love this more than PG because you can blow the thickest clouds from each hit. It is a non-toxic liquid that is also colorless and has no scent.

VG is a vegetable-based product that is newer in the market, so some older vaporizers may struggle to produce vapor. VG can also be found in many medicines.

Unlike PG, this does not leave a lingering flavor even though it can be sweeter. If you have an older or smaller atomizer, VG can clog your device.

Food Grade Flavorings

The deliciousness of vape juice comes from food-grade ingredients. Since VG and PG do not have any distinctive flavors, manufacturers have mixed e-liquid with food additives to produce a strong flavor. This makes vaping such an exciting experience.

Some of the most stimulating flavors on the market are birthday cake, cookies, cheesecake, and so much more. If you struggle to decide which ones to try, here is a top 50 sales chart about this to help you choose the best flavors.


You can get e-juice with nicotine if you have a craving for it without consuming any tobacco leaf. Nicotine also gives a great throat hit, and vaping is one of the safest ways to inhale this chemical.

If you are attempting to quit cigarettes, you may prefer a high nicotine e-liquid blend. This would have a high level of nicotine, so you can slowly cut down the dosage and wean yourself off the cravings. Then you can eventually move to zero-nicotine e-juice to continue vaping instead of smoking tobacco.

Discovering the Best E-Juice

There are several thousands of e-juice flavors in the market. Find the best vape company and check out their recommendations. Some of the most popular tastes are coffee, candy crush, or mixed berries.

However, experimenting with vape juice flavors is the best way to know which ones you will fall in love with. Now that you know the ingredients that go into creating e-juice, you can safely try tons of fresh flavors.

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