Where is Olena Uutai Now? | Net Worth, Relationships, and More about BGT Star

Olena Uutai is a 37-year-old musician from Sakha, Russia. She is most known for her stunning performances of unique throat singing and khomus-playing skills in Season 12 of Britain’s Got Talent. She was able to reach the Semi-Finals. After the show, she continues her career as a singer and has a net worth of about $500,000. Years after her memorable appearance, many wonder, “Where is Olena Uutai now?” She is currently residing in Russia. Scroll down to find out more information about Olena Uutai.

Biography & Early Life

She started playing the jaw harp known as khomus, at the age of 7. She wanted to share her culture with the rest of the world which is why she came to BGT. Olena Uutai’s real name is Olena Podluzhnaya and she is a 37-year-old singer and musician. She is from Sakha, Republic of Russia. Her parents are both Ukrainians. 

Known asOlena Uutai
Real nameOlena Podluzhnaya
BirthplaceSakha, Republic of Russia
Height155 cm
ProfessionMusician/ Singer

Family & Relationships

There is no information publicly available about the Family & Relationships of Olena Uutai.

What happened to Olena Uutai in BGT?

She came to the BGT Audition with a unique style of traditional Russian dress. She performed and sang traditional Russian music mixing with horse sounds. The performance was described as otherworldly or as one of a kind. She impressed the audience and judges and went through to the semi-finals with 4 yeses.

She performed her unique Jaw Harp music and her vocal sounds that were hard to believe were coming from her mouth. Judges were impressed with the performance. However, She was eliminated from the semi-final.

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What’s Olena Uutai doing now?

Olena Uutai continues her unique music career. She is known for her neo-shamanic and meditative practices now. Olena performed with a band named Sakhan group Ayarkhaan after BGT. She’s now playing solo and released her debut album and music videos on her YouTube channel.

Olena Uutai’s net worth

Olena continues her career as a singer and musician and has a net worth of about $500,000. Her income comes from her live shows, concerts, worldwide tours, festivals, and also social media platforms like her YouTube channel with over 355K subscribers.

Social media


Olena Uutai is a unique throat singer from Russia. She gained fame after performing on the BGT season 12. She continues to be active in her music career as an Ethnic musician & Singer, Jaw Harp virtuoso, and Neo-Shamanic practicenor. Her love for nature always makes her music so inspirational. We wish all the best for her future.


Who is Olena Uutai?

Olena Uutai is a popular singer neo-shamanic and meditative practitioner from Sakha, Russia. Her real name is Olena Podluzhnaya.

What happened to Olena Uutai in Britain’s Got Talent?

She went to the semifinals of Britain’s Got Talent after receiving 4 yeses from the judges. But was eliminated during the semi-final.

What is Olena Uutai doing now?

She continues to be active in her music career as an Ethnic Musician & Singer. She is now doing her live shows, concerts, worldwide tours, and festivals.

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