What Happened to BONAVEGA after AGT 2020? Here are some quick facts.

What Happened to BONAVEGA aka Brandon Wilbarger after AGT 2020? Here are some quick facts.

BONAVEGA aka Brandon Wilbarger 34 years, is a memorable name from the AGT Season 15 as he was eliminated in the semifinals. It has passed a couple of years since his appearance as well. We will see what he is doing, who this Bonavega is, family and relationships, and more things you would know about this unsung star.

Bonavega has since built up a small cultish following, with several videos on YouTube, including Overdrive, the autobiographical song he performed for his audition: “Slow down and do what you’re told, I hear it everywhere that I go/But I’m free and ready to be something that is out of control.” He’s single and not married according to online sources. His current net worth is around $2 Million.

BirthdayNovember 22, 1988
Where is BONAVEGA from?USA 
Net worth now2.0 Million USD

What is BONAVEGA aka Brandon Wilbarger doing now?

He is originally from Toledo, Ohio but now resides in Hollywood. Brandon released several tracks through the internet to his fans. Thousands of his fans attracted him, and he expanded his career to YouTube and social media platforms to attract more. He took part in AGT season 15 in 2020 when he had a decent fan base around him.

What Brandon Wilbarger had wanted to do was to create a brand by himself. He has finally done that, and his name-tagged t-shirts, Bonavega posters, and various affiliate links can be found on his website.

He has changed his appearance recently, and a tidy look has approached him since 2020. His fans won’t see him as an untidy star who does random things but as a person who has a clear vision. Currently, he is working with Ash Gordon, with whom he is taking part in music shows. Also, recently, Brandon Wilbarger appeared for a shoot with Bala, a famous model.

Along with his new social media approach, lots of better this seems to have happened. His Latest single which was uploaded on Instagram on March 2023 “Sex, Hugs, and Rock n Roll” became very famous.

What happened to BONAVEGA aka Brandon Wilbarger on America’s got talent?

Although Brandon Wilbarger did show some unique sets of skills, he could not make it through the semis. Due to the lack of votes in the semifinal, his effort was in vain.

Did BONAVEGA aka Brandon Wilbarger win AGT?

No, Brandon Wilbarger could not make it into the final as he could not get enough votes from the semis. His opposite contestant, Kameron Ross, had got more votes than Bonavega, making him the loser.

BONAVEGA aka Brandon Wilbarger net worth

Brandon Wilbarger’s net worth is around $2 Million. His singing, live shows, affiliate marketing, social media influencing, and brand sponsoring have brought this net worth to him. Although AGT has not made him a millionaire with its winning prize, Brandon has found it somehow.


Brandon Wilbarger started his career as a DJ in Ohio, which did not last long. Singing and dancing are the main talents he has got. Although there is much worth the facial expressions, presenting, and performing, Bonavega has got his own limitations.

Bonavega later sharpened his presenting style with the costumes and other tricks that can assist in holding the audience as well. His social media strategies help Brandon Wilbarger to climb up the rope of fame. That is why he has succeeded even after losing in the AGT season 15.

BONAVEGA aka Brandon Wilbarger Wilbarger biography?

His real name is Brandon Wilbarger and was born on the 22nd of November in 1988. The reality star is 34 years old and currently living in Los Angeles. But, he was born and raised in Ohio, United States. We don’t know where Brandon Wilbarger had studied. But, he mentioned that Ohio is where he had his education and deep Christian facts.

Brandon Wilbarger has begun to learn to play Guitar at the age of 08. Although his parents did not help him, his school did help. Academics is what he has not much collected, though. He is currently unmarried.

BONAVEGA aka Brandon Wilbarger family and relationships

We don’t know much about Brandon Wilbarger’s family. But, we know his parents are white and Christian residing in Ohio. His family has been harsh to him as they were deep Christians. He has mentioned that he had to listen to Led Zeppelin secretly as it was a pang of guilt, according to his family. Therefore, he has not had a proper relationship with his family ever. He’s single and not married according to online sources.

He seems to have not dated anyone yet. When it comes to his available relationships, his professional mates are crucial.

● Auditions

What he did was sing and play the Guitar while he was performing well. He got the votes of Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Simon Cowell in the first attempt, and the contestant was sent into the next round.

After skipping the next round, Brandon went straight to the semis. In the semifinals, he had chosen the Weekend’s “Blinding Lights” and a guitar play while dancing. Although he could impress Heidi Klum, he could not make his way to the final due to a lack of votes. That was the last time AGT got to see him.

● Live Shows

Brandon is going to live shows often. When looking at his Instagram account, it is clear that Brandon has recently appeared on a show with Ash Gordon in Stockholm, Sweden. Last year, Brandon Wilbarger appeared in several live shows with Jacob Barri. Although he is not on live stages much this year, Bonavega has mentioned that his live shows are yet to begin in October.

Social media

Brandon Wilbarger is available on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Instagram is the best platform for Brandon, which has got 27.6k followers. Also, he has got 15.9k subscribers on youtube as well. Although he brings quicker updates to Facebook than Instagram, he has just 5.5k followers. 


Is Bonavega married?

No. Brandon Wilbarger is not married yet

How old is Bonavega now?

Brandon Wilbarger is 34 years old

What is Bonavega’s real name?

Brandon Wilbarger is his real name of him.

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