Where is Bobby Badfingers  Now? | Net worth, Relationships and More about AGT Star

A finger snapper and dancer from Season 1 of America’s Got Talent was Bobby Badfingers. After losing in the Semifinals, he came back for the Wild Card Show but lost once again. He is a person in the 55-60 age range and his net worth was reported as $4 million.

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Biography & Early Life

At the age of four, Bobby Badfingers—whose real name is Bob Von Merta—began snapping at the age of four while watching Flamenco dancers on television.

Known asBobby Badfingers
Real nameBob Von Merta
Height1.75 m
ProfessionFinger Snapper 

Family & Relationships

He has not shared any of his family details with the public. Like all popular artists, he also keeps them under the wrap.

What happened to Bobby Badfingers  in AGT?

All Bobby Badfingers had to do for his audition was snap his fingers fast and dance to “Wipeout.” Bobby was advanced to the semifinals by Piers Morgan, Brandy Norwood, and David Hasselhoff’s “Yes” votes.

Bobby Badfingers’ performance during the Week 2 Semifinals consisted of quick finger snapping and brisk dancing to the song “Conga.” He received “YES” votes from Piers Morgan, Brandy Norwood, and David Hasselhoff. Bobby was eliminated from the competition instead of At Last and Natasha Le because he did not earn enough votes to place at least second in America’s Vote.

Piers Morgan welcomed back Bobby Badfingers for the Wild Card Show. He performed by rapidly snapping his fingers in time to the sound of a banjo and guitar being strung together. Bobby received “YES” votes from Piers Morgan, Brandy Norwood, and David Hasselhoff. Unfortunately he was rejected again from the wild card round.

What’s Bobby Badfingers  doing now?

Later in 2006, Badfingers made an appearance on the fourth episode of the first series of the CBBC children’s program “The Slammer.” Later, on May 30, 2007, he made an appearance on a “Tom Green’s House Tonight” program.

Bobby also appeared on The Howard Stern Show later in 2006; ironically, Howard Stern would go on to become a judge.

Bobby Badfingers  net worth

The net worth of the Bobby Badfingers was reported as $4 million as of 2022. And the net worth for 2023, has not been publicly disclosed yet.

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No matter what you are proficient in. If you can develop your skill, there is a stage for you.This is the biggest message that Bobby Badfinger conveys to us. So, let’s wish him good luck for his future work. 


1. Is Bobby Badfingers  still performing?

Yes of course! Bobby has performed around the world with some of the biggest names in show business!

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