What are TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU in your Inbound Marketing strategy?

Tofu, Mofu, and Bofu respond to each stage of the conversion funnel, which is critical for Inbound Marketing professionals. In general, this process begins when a user visits our website in search of a solution and ends effectively when a transaction is made. We describe the three variables.


TOFU marketing corresponds to the first stage of the user’s purchasing process, in which our potential consumers are having problems with a product and are looking for a solution that matches their needs.

The company should not sell any products to users, but rather provide assistance and support. Any intent to sell a product will force the user to exit our website. At this point, we can incorporate free items and services for users, such as ebooks, webinars, or online courses.


At this step in the acquisition funnel, the prospective buyer must investigate all accessible purchasing possibilities on the market. This is where the company must work on its Inbound Marketing approach to persuade them that they are a viable option for consideration. Either by providing problem-solving tips or a course suited to their specific needs.

BOFU (BOTTOM OF THE FUNNEL) corresponds to the final stage of the conversion funnel, as our potential consumer is about to make a decision. At this stage, our sales team must persuade the consumer to acquire our goods. Some of the most important incentives to convert leads are free training and specialized webinars.

Do you want to dig deeper into the Inbound technique to achieve the customer persona you suggest now that you understand what TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU are? If you need training in this area, IEBS offers the Master in Inbound Marketing & Sales Automation, where you will master the vital skills of attraction and loyalty in Digital Marketing.

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