The Neales Net Worth & What they are Doing Now After Britain's Got Talent

The Neales Net Worth & What they are Doing Now After Britain’s Got Talent.

The Neales, the father, and his three sons from England won the hearts of many through their harmonious vocals. They rose to fame through Britain’s Got Talent and reached the finals by showcasing their family’s charms. 

The talented singing family is no longer together as a band. A lot has changed in their lives after BGT. They’ve been getting married, having kids, pursuing new careers, and the list goes on. Even though their net worth is unknown, the Neales are pursuing successful careers today. 

You might be curious about what happened to this talented family after Britain’s Got Talent. Keep Reading! to learn about The Neales’ Net Worth, Life updates, and relationships.

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Meet The Neels Family

The talent for Music runs in the blood of The Neales family. Here are the four family members who conquered the hearts of the Judges of BGT.

Laurie Neale

Laurie Neale, the father of three boys, was born in the UK on October 18, 1955. He turns 67 this year. 

Music has been Laurie’s passion since he was young. Apart from Music, as a teenager, Laurie excelled in sports. In Sheldon, Laurie was one of Warwickshire’s best junior tennis stars. Football was also a sport in which he excelled.

As a father of three, Laurie worked hard for years to provide for his family. He was a former lawyer. Unfortunately, at 49 years old, Laurie suffered a heart attack. It was a wake-up call for him. Instead of striving day and night, Laurie wanted to do what he loved and spend time with his family. 

It was like a wake-up call. That made me realize there is more to life than working.

Laurie Neale.
Laurie Neale with his wife

Singing along with his sons was one of Laurie’s Dreams. After Laurie had a heart attack, his sons realized how fragile life could be. Despite having serious careers, the brothers decided to fulfill their father’s dream. Laurie auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent in 2015 with his sons at 59.

James Neale

James is the eldest of three brothers, born on April 12, 1987. She turns 37 this year. James followed in his father’s footsteps and studied law at University. He participated in Britain’s Got Talent with his family when he was 28. During the time, James was pursuing his career as a Lawyer, working at Birmingham Solicitors DWF. 

James enjoys playing cricket. He used to play for a club named Olton in his hometown Solihull.

James Neale eldest son of the Neales family

Daniel Neale

Daniel, the family’s middle child, was born on October 8, 1988. Daniel will turn 36 soon this year. Daniel was also an active sportsman as a teenager. During his teenage years, Dan played Junior county cricket. He captained age group sides from Under 12 to Under 16. 

Daniel joined Britain’s Got Talent when he was 26. During that time, he was working as a Banker.

Daniel Neale with his wife and daughter. The middle son of the Neales family

Phil Neale

Phil, the youngest of the family born on May 22, 2022He turns 32 this May. Phill is usually the spokesperson of the group. Just like his brothers, Phil was also a talented cricketer in his school days. At 13, Phil was a lightning-fast wicket-keeper.

Phil graduated from business school with a BA in marketing. When Phil joined Britain’s Got Talent, he was 24 years old and working for Tesco

Ten years ago, our dad had a heart attack, and that made him realize he needed to change the way he lives his life, pursue the thing that he loves, and that’s singing. And the three of us here because we realized the reason that he had that heart attack was because he had run himself into the ground trying to provide for us.

Phil Neale
Phil Neale, youngest son of the Neales family

How much is The Neale’s net worth in 2023? 

The Neales have not revealed their current net worth yet. Even though they gained a lot of popularity after competing in Britain’s Got Talent, Music was often a hobby for them. Apart from their debut single, they have not released any songs. Their debut song is a source of revenue for them. Besides, the brothers are pursuing different career paths and certainly making a significant income from their careers.

Where are The Neales today?  

The Neales family is originally from Solihull. Laurie and his two sons, Phil and Daniel, live in Solihull. Whereas James, the eldest, currently lives in Florida, USA. The Neales get together on Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and every other special occasion.

What are The Neales doing now?

Currently, The Neales don’t seem to work on any music. They are working on their businesses, Travelling, Spending time with family, and focusing on themselves. Laurie is a 67 years old retired lawyer now with thriving children. So he is probably resting and enjoying life with his wife.

Are any of the Neales brothers married? 

Out of the Neale brothers, Daniel tied the knot in 2019. Whereas James and Phil are still single. James recently captioned one of his Instagram posts saying,” wanting to be proposed.” 

Daniel is married to Francine Olivia, and they have a beautiful daughter. They named her Grace Olivia Neale.

What happened to The Neales in Britain Got Talent?


The Neales started their Journey in BGT by singing When Will I Be Loved in their audition. The judges loved the performance. It was their first-ever public performance.


With their mesmerizing vocals, they were selected for the semi-finals and performed to “Father and son by Cat Stevens. Pictures of the group when they were young were in the background during the performance.

Their performance made Simon emotional. Simon is known for being brutally honest; getting a good comment from him is rare. Yet The Neales somehow left Simon in tears.


The Neales then got selected for the finals. In the finals, they performed ‘I Won’t Give up’ by Jason Mraz. They Ultimately placed 9th in the finals.

After their performance, David Walliams remarked, “I think that the nation has fallen in love with the Neales.” which indeed is true.

Career Update 

The Neale family fans might have hoped that the Neales would continue their careers as Musicians. After BGT, They released a charity single ‘I’ll Be There,” in June 2016. With their single, they raised money for the British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK. Their debut song Made the Top 25 on Official UK Charts. Apart from that, they never released any songs.

The youngest, Phil, came up with an app called Snoozle in 2017. Daniel is the co-founder of the app. Phil entered series 17 of Dragons Den with his app. He hoped to secure a £50,000 investment, but unfortunately, the judges weren’t impressed enough. Regardless, his app became a huge success with so many downloads.

James, the eldest who was a lawyer, is self-employed at clear united. He guides people on how to  escape “Big Tech.” James is also a digital creator.

Social Media  

Laurie Neale is not active on social media, yet Phil, Daniel, and James are active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

The Neales have a YouTube channel with 11.4k subscribers. Their official Instagram account has 2.1k subscribers. 

The Neales Facebook profile has 11K followers. 


The Neales are the best example of love, sacrifice, selflessness, and unity. The Neale brothers found the best way to repay their father and make him happy. Their harmonious vocals stole the hearts of thousands through Britain’s Got Talent.


Who are The Neales?

The Neales are a British, four-part family vocal group that reached the finals of BGT.

What song did the Neales sing in the BGT Semi-Finals and Finals?

They Sang father and son in the semi-finals, and I won’t give up in the finals.

What are the names of the members of the Neales?

The father is Laurie Neales, and the sons are James, Daniel, and Phil.

Did The Neales Win BGT?

They didn’t win, but they placed 9th in the finals.

What is the Neales’ debut song?

The Neale’s debut song is “ill be there.”

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