“The Betsy Orb” aka “The Egg”| An Architectural Spectacle Between Two Buildings In Miami!

Miami, a city full of beautiful buildings and artwork, has an exciting landmark that everyone is talking about. The Betsy Orb, also known as “The Egg.” It’s a super cool structure and a sky bridge that connects two tall buildings. This breathtaking design looks like a futuristic egg.

A Special Design:

Imagine a shiny glass structure that is stuck in between two hotel buildings together. The sky bridge egg connects The Betsy Hote and The Carlton Hotel. The Betsy Orb was built in 2016 by the talented architect Allan Shulman. It’s made of curved glass and has a modern style that reflects the city around it.

The Betsy Hotel is a unique landmark as it is the only Florida-Gregorian architecture available on Miami ocean drive. The building was built by Murray Dixon in 1942.

A Fun Place to Visit:

Inside The Betsy Orb, it’s like entering a whole different world. It’s bright and filled with sunlight, and you can see the city from every angle. There are lots of interesting things to see and do inside. It has cool art displays and interactive exhibits. Inside the Egg is a mix of art and architecture that will make your imagination soar.

Bringing People Together:

The Betsy Orb is more than just a cool structure. It’s a symbol of unity because it connects two buildings that used to be separate. It shows us that when we come together, amazing things can happen. It reminds us to celebrate what makes us unique and to find ways to connect with others.


The Betsy Orb is an incredible piece of architecture that you have to see in Miami. It’s full of wonder and excitement. It shows us that creativity and imagination can make our world a better place. So, if you ever get the chance, don’t miss out on visiting The Betsy Orb. It’s a truly amazing experience that will leave you inspired.

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