Sunlight And Shadows Tell Time! The Fascinating Sundial Display Time Like A Digital Clock.

Sunlight And Shadows Tell Time! | The Fascinating 3D Sundial That Displays Time Like A Digital Clock.

Imagine stepping into a world where time is not displayed on digital screens or fancy watches. Instead, picture a magical 3D-printed sundial. The device combines the wisdom of ancient timekeeping with the marvels of modern technology. It’s like a digital clock with simple sunlight and shadows! Let’s dive into this fascinating creation and learn how it works!

The Source: Colossal

The 3D-printed sundial is an extraordinary work of art. Sunlight and shadows tell the time. With carefully planned angles and shapes, the device displays the time as a digital clock. In ancient times, the sun travels across the sky, the shadows change position, and we can read the time based on where the shadows fall.

The source: Oddity Mall / 3D American

This modern sundial uses 3D printing and proper placement of shadows. Mojoptix introduced the device with intricate holes placed on its hand known as the ‘gnomon.’ The shadow of time falls through the system of holes placed on the sundial. The device works during the sunlight hours, usually from 10.00 to 16.00 hours.

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This incredible sundial uses a special kind of printing called 3D printing. It’s like building something layer by layer using a special machine. This technique allows us to create intricate designs with great precision. Every curve and detail of the sundial is carefully crafted to make it both beautiful and functional.

The Source: Colossal

The 3D-printed sundial is not just a timekeeping device; it’s also a great conversation starter! It brings together the old and the new, capturing people’s attention and sparking their curiosity. The sundial centerpiece amazes and teaches us about the fascinating way sunlight and shadows work together.


As we marvel at the wonders of the 3D-printed sundial, we rediscover the joy of simplicity and the wonders of nature. It shows us how technology can make ancient ideas come alive and connect the past with the present. The sundial teaches us about time and the beauty of using sunlight and shadows to measure it. So let’s celebrate the magic of this amazing creation and embrace the blend of art and technology that makes it so captivating.

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