13 Strange Facts About Adam Sandler

13 Strange Facts About Adam Sandler | Things You Didn’t Know About Sandler and His New Movie ‘Leo’!

Adam Sandler, the versatile comedian, actor, and producer, is currently basking in the success of his latest Netflix movie. It is the satirical animation “Leo.” The movie shows Sandler as the lead character Leo, a tuatara lizard. It holds a surprising secret that has caught the attention of viewers. An unexpected dose of adult humor cleverly slipped into what’s supposed to be a family film. Let’s unravel 13 strange facts about Adam Sandler, the man behind the laughter, and his new movie. 

1. Adam’s dog ‘Meatball’ was the best man at his wedding.

In a heartwarming yet quirky revelation, Adam Sandler’s bulldog, Meatball, took on a unique role at his wedding. He served as the best man and ring bearer. The bond between Sandler and Meatball transcended the typical owner-pet relationship, with Meatball even having a cinematic stint as Mr. Beefy in Sandler’s 2000 comedy “Little Nicky.” Unfortunately, Meatball passed away one year after his marriage.

Strange facts about adam sandler
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2. Sandler’s Instagram Feed is filled with death posts.

Sandler’s Instagram has become an unexpected platform for him to express tributes to departed friends and celebrities. However, this strange approach has stirred mixed reactions among fans.

Posting something on social media to honor someone who has passed away is not so strange. But the comedian has done it quite frequently on his account. Each time he posts a picture of someone other than himself or his productions, fans know that somebody has passed away. Some find it morbid and inappropriate for the usual content they expect from the comedy icon.

3. Fired from SNL for mooning people and making prank calls.

Even with his soaring success, Sandler faced an unexpected setback. This was when he got fired from Saturday Night Live (SNL). His peculiar behavior, involving mooning people and making prank calls from the SNL offices, led to his dismissal from the hit show.

4. His sense of Humor is a way of coping with his dad’s temper.

Sandler’s unique sense of humor has roots in his childhood. He used it as a coping mechanism for his father’s temper. In an interview with IGN, he shared that making his father laugh became a way to calm down the old man.

“Well, part of my father having a temper led to me developing a sense of humor to calm the old man down. (Laughs) That kind of sense of humor.”

Adam Sandler

5. Gets insane stage fright despite being a huge Hollywood star.

Despite his Hollywood stature, Adam Sandler battled serious stage fright early in his career. He would take the stage with a guitar as a security blanket, a surprising revelation for someone who now effortlessly captivates audiences on multiple platforms.

6. He gifts Maserati cars to his costars.

Known for his generosity, Sandler surprised his co-stars by gifting them flashy Maserati cars worth over $200k each. This unexpected gesture showcased Sandler’s generosity and left his colleagues in awe.

Sandler’s co-star David Spade recalled the time he got a car in his previous interviews. “He gave us all a Maserati. Chris Rock called me and he goes, will you look in your driveway?, and I go, no, and he goes, go out front and call me. So I go out front and they’re putting a car in my driveway, and I go, what’s happening? and they go, ‘Adam Sandler. I go, ‘Oh, is this his car, I’m supposed to watch it?”

He added: “I call Rock and I go, ‘I’m keeping Adam’s car here for some reason,’ and he goes, ‘No that’s for you, we all got one.”

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7. Sandler can pull the strings on who gets the Oscars!

Adam Sandler’s influence extends beyond the screen—he is a member of the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, allowing him a say in who receives the Oscars. He got the invitation to join the Academy in 2010, with 134 other hand-selected representatives. A privilege that shows his impact on the film industry.

8. Has a history of deals to dominate Netflix.

Sandler’s partnership with Netflix is a testament to his clout in the entertainment industry. Netflix signed him for multiple film deals, emphasizing his popularity and success in the industry.

In 2014, Netflix signed Sandler to a deal to produce four feature films for them. Happy with what they got, Netflix signed another deal with Adam in 2017. That is again for another four movies. The actor and the moving streaming giant have upped the deal in 2020, according to reports.

9. Unique style of naming His characters and his female leads in movies.

An odd pattern in Sandler’s movies emerges as characters he portrays often have names ending with ‘Y.’ Happy, Billy, Sonny, Whitey, Tommy, Lenny, etc. are some of such character names.

Well, that doesn’t end there. The female leads also tend to have names starting with ‘V.’ Veronica, Vicky, Virginia, Vanessa, etc. are some of the memorable female lead characters in his movies. A subtle yet fascinating detail that adds a strangeness to his filmography.

10. He actually hit the kids full force in Billy Madison.

The iconic dodgeball scene in “Billy Madison” takes an unexpected turn as Adam Sandler reveals he actually hurled the ball at the kids full-force. His actions have led to a mix of amusement and surprise among viewers.

11. He loves playing the ‘loser role’ in Movies.

Adam Sandler embraces playing the ‘loser’ in his roles, citing a natural feeling of not belonging. His self-acknowledged imposter syndrome fuels the uncomfortable and ‘loser’ characters that have become a trademark in his career.

“I just have a natural part of my brain that feels like I don’t belong here.This feeling uncomfortable and loser stuff I’ve been doing for years, it’s in me.”

Adam Sandler

12. Every Adam Sandler Movie is Strangely Connected to the ‘Sandlerverse’.

A YouTube theory explores the “Sandlerverse,” connecting various details across his movies. Youtuber Shawn Kohne is the first to reveal these connections to the world. Easter eggs and subtle references create a cohesive narrative that links almost every Sandler film. From, the “You can do it!,” guy to the popular children’s book The Puppy Who Lost His Way, Shawn gives a connection that runs through Sandler’s work.

Kohne said to Mashable that he noticed the very first connection between the movies 50 First Dates and Tommy Boy. “After that, it was just the process of literally watching EVERY Sandler and Happy Madison Production looking for connections,” said Shawn Kohne.

13. His New ‘Family’ Movie Leo has adult jokes!

Written and produced by Adam Sandler himself, the movie Leo is fun and heartwarming. However, Sandler did not forget to slip some adult humor into the movie.

Fans were quick to spot the cleverly hidden jokes. There was some wild humor involving strange yoga poses of a woman and a 5th grader giving her phone to the 74-year-old Lizard asking him to ‘call her.’ Some of such moments have caught the adult audience off-guard.

“There’s a lot of jokes they make that I wouldn’t think would fly with a PG rating,” one TikToker commented. Another user commented, “They been sneaking this humor in since forever 😅🙌🏻 but also, Uh it’s Adam Sandler lol 🤣.”


One of the leading characters of the movie is the 5th grader Jayda, voiced by Adam’s daughter, Sadie Sandler. The character of Jayda’s mom, voiced by Adam Sandler’s wife Jackie can be seen getting into some awkward positions while doing Yoga. One of the clocks that joins Jayda’s mom and dad later on the scene is recognized for having a pretty strange reaction. Well, let’s just say that the clock doesn’t seem to have its eyes on the right place.


Adam Sandler proves to be a multifaceted personality with a blend of humor, generosity, and unexpected quirks. From unique wedding choices to navigating stage fright and connecting his movies in a mysterious ‘Sandlerverse,’ Sandler’s journey is a fascinating one. His very own touch of adult humor in the family movie “Leo,” adds another layer to his comedic persona. Adam Sandler can still catch us off-guard with his trademark wit and creativity.

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