Jordan Morris' Net Worth, Salary, Wife, and Soccer Journey

Jordan Morris’ Net Worth, Salary, Wife, and Soccer Journey

29 years old, Jordan Morris is a well-known national soccer team player in the USA. As a national team soccer player, Jordan Morris receives a guaranteed salary of $1,560,000 and has an estimated net worth of around 30 Million USD. As of 2023, Morris is still under contract with Seattle Sounders FC. In this article, we are going to reveal Jordan Morris’ soccer journey, Personal life, and more.

Jordan Morris’ Salary, Contract, and Net Worth

As of 2023, Jordan Morris is under contract with Seattle Sounders FC. He signed a five-year contract extension with the club in October 2022. However, the specific terms of the extension contract have been kept confidential. 

Regarding compensation, Jordan Morris‘ salary as a professional soccer player has experienced fluctuations over the years. According to Spotrac, for the 2023 season, Morris’ base salary is an impressive $1,550,000, complemented by a guaranteed salary of $1,560,000. This substantial figure reflects his prowess on the field and the club’s trust in his abilities. Comparatively, in 2021, Morris earned a base salary of $1.15 million, with guaranteed compensation totaling $1.27 million.

As of 2023, Jordan Morris’ net worth is estimated at around $30 million. This includes his earnings from Seattle Sounders FC and his endorsements. 

Jordan Morris Soccer Journey

Jordan Morris’ soccer journey began with Eastside FC during his youth. His talents in the field were further honed during his college years at Stanford University. At Stanford University, Morris earned the Hermann Trophy in 2015.

After university, He started his professional soccer journey with Seattle Sounders FC in 2016. While in the Seattle Sounders FC, Jordan Morris got 61 goals in 162 appearances and was one of the best players on the team.

In 2021, Morris joined Swansea City, a Welsh football club, on loan for a brief but impactful period. However, he returned to Seattle Sounders FC after playing only four matches due to an ACL tear. Jordan Morris has earned 55 caps and scored 11 goals on the international stage since 2014.

One of Morris’ standout moments includes his pivotal role in Seattle Sounders FC’s historic win at the Concacaf Champions League in 2022. His three goals in the competition showcased his scoring ability and earned him a well-deserved spot in the Tournament Best XI. In 2020, Morris honored with a place in the MLS Best XI and voted Sounders FC Team MVP after an outstanding performance, scoring 10 goals in 22 regular-season matches.

Jordan Morris’ Biography

Jordan Morris was born on October 26, 1994, in Seattle, Washington, to Michael and Leslie Morris. His father is the chief medical director of Seattle Sounders FC, and he has three siblings, Christopher, Julian, and Talia. 

Date of birth Oct 26, 1994
Place of birthSeattle, Washington, United States
Height181 m
Preferred Footright
Debut MatchNov 18, 2014
Positionattack – Left Winger
Jersey Number#13
International matches47
Fifa rating 71
ClubSeattle Sounders FC
Transfer market value5.5 Million€ 
Player agentYMU Group
Networth30 Million USD
Social mediaTwitter, Instagram

Jordan Morris’ Wife, Children and Family Life

In 2020, Morris married his long-time girlfriend, Eliza Blanchette. Eliza was Morris’ teenage love story, and their relationship is 7 years old.

The Morris family expanded in May 2021 with the arrival of their first child, a son named Theodore. Jordan Morris couldn’t contain his joy and pride at becoming a father, and he openly shared this life-changing experience on social media.

Jordan Morris is not only a good father and soccer player but also someone who is committed to making a difference in the community. His philanthropic efforts include working with the Seattle Children’s Hospital and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Additionally, Morris has become a vocal advocate for mental health awareness, bravely sharing his own struggles with anxiety and depression. By opening up about his experiences, Morris seeks to break down stigmas surrounding mental health and inspire others to seek support.

Jordan Morris and Type 1 Diabetes

Jordan Morris’ journey in soccer is not just defined by his incredible goals but also by his determination to overcome a health challenge, type 1 diabetes.

Morris diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of nine. Morris faced the initial struggle of reconciling his dreams of becoming a professional soccer player with the realities of managing a chronic condition. However, instead of letting diabetes become an obstacle, he overcame the challenge, recognizing that he could still pursue his passion for soccer while effectively managing his health.

Beyond his personal journey, Morris has become a powerful advocate for diabetes awareness. Sharing his story openly, he aims to inspire others facing similar challenges. In an interview with ESPN, Morris showed how managing diabetes has endowed him with resilience and perseverance.

Morris’ commitment to diabetes advocacy extends beyond words. He has actively collaborated with Beyond Type 1. Beyond Type 1 is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about type 1 diabetes. Through his involvement, Morris contributes to empowering and educating individuals impacted by this condition.

Despite the triumphs, Morris has encountered challenges in his soccer career directly linked to his diabetes. In a game in 2016, he collapsed due to low blood sugar levels. However, Morris’ story is not defined by setbacks alone. In a testament to his resilience, he triumphantly scored the winning goal for the United States national team in the CONCACAF Gold Cup final in 2019, just months after undergoing surgery for a torn ACL.


Where is Jordan Morris from?

Jordan Morris is from Seattle, Washington, USA.

Is Jordan Morris married?

Yes, Jordan Morris is married. He tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend, Eliza Blanchette, in 2020.

Did Jordan Morris graduate from college?

Yes, Jordan Morris attended Stanford University, where he played college soccer and won the Hermann Trophy in 2015.

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