How does SNEAKERTUB work? and Is it really worth the price?
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How does SNEAKERTUB work? and Is it really worth the price?


Would you like to purchase your sneakers from the market or get sneakers as a monthly surprise on your doorstep? The answer is a Yes for most of the customers. Anyone likes to unpack a delivery filled with the most desired Sneaker products that have come along with more stuff. The price they have to pay for the subscription is not a concern if the mysterious package has elements of surprise.

Customers can conveniently expand the sneaker collections monthly along with accessories manufactured by world-known brands like Nike, Air Jordan, New Balance, Adidas, Puma, Vans, and more. A customer must choose the package, define the subscription sequence, and wait for the package to arrive.


Kamaj Silva is the owner of the Sneaker subscription service. The Sri Lankan-born Canadian is engaged in several more tasks as a businessman, YouTuber, and vocalist. The most embraced service he has found to offer is the SneakerTub which he started in March 2016.

How does SNEAKERTUB work?

SNEAKERTUB is a subscription product-based business model. You can subscribe for a specific package, which can be according to your age, the size of the products in its content, or the delivery sequence. You can choose the package to be delivered to your doorstep once a month, three months and 06 months, or 12 months.

Why SneakerTub?

SNEAKERTUB has one amazing element people want in their daily life: the Surprising. As soon as a customer gets entitled to the monthly subscription, they will be delivered a package consisting of a Sneaker pair and more accessories. The content will remain unrevealed until the user watches himself. What SneakerTub allows is to choose the package along with the brands. You will not see what they send onto your doorstep.

The other inevitable benefit is the money saving. Usually, a customer can enjoy a minimum money-saving of 10% from a delivery. That can be as high as 30% when you purchase expensive packages. For example, if you purchase the Elite package, you will get $179.99 worth of products at $149.99. When setting its eyes on reviews, it had saved money up to $500 for a month to monthly subscribers.

The specification of the package is another thing you must know. Sneakertub will verify your size and the references through a well-set questionnaire. You don’t have to dump what you have purchased as it 100% matches you. The mystery is only about your product but not your preferences.

SneakerTub packages

GrailPromise to deliver Retro Air Jordans along with more accessories from SneakerTub. The price has been set to $339.
PremiumYou will get “NIKE or Air Jordan” sneakers along with three other Premium Sneaker-related items. The monthly package comes for $149.99.
OriginalWill deliver a Mystery pair of sneakers monthly along with 3-4 branded accessories for $79.99.
EliteYou will get one pair of Premium Sneakers and 3 premium accessories for $149.99.
LiteWill deliver a Mystery pair of sneakers monthly for $59.99.
For KidsThe package is dedicated to “Little Sneakerheads,” which delivers a pair of sneakers and a few accessories.
SneakerTub packages Infographic

SNEAKERTUB Dragons Den appearance

The founder of SneakerTub, Kamaj Silva, took part in the Dragon’s Den in search of 50,000 for 20% of his company. Kamaj could convince the investors through his literally-impossible story of making money from the $700 he had initially. 

Also, Kamaj revealed that SneakerTub did not have any relationship or link to the popular brand with what he is dealing with closely now. Kamaj revealed that the investment would not go in vain as he is already having revenue of $200,000 per year. However, he was happy to take a deal of $5000 for 40% from the Dragons.

SNEAKERTUB current update

SNEAKERTUB currently works directly with over 100+ streetwear brands and ships over 1500 sneaker packages a month. and they are doing some fantastic collaborative boxes with a few influencers in the upcoming months.

So, to sum it up

You have the understanding that not only the SneakerTub packages but its founder are having an irreversible journey in the marketing field. As the first Sneaker Package service, he got a reputation in the field. Even though there are many followers in the field now, the packages’ money-saving, surprise giving, and specifications are the strongest parts of the SneakerTub. Also, you must purchase these packages as it is worth doing that. 

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