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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Fence

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Fence

Fences have been built for many reasons, most notably security, privacy, and decoration.  Each purpose requires a different type of fence as well as fencing material.  So if you are considering adding a fence to your property you need to first determine the main purpose for the addition.  Is it for security or simply because you want to add a bit of additional decoration?  When you have decided your reason for adding a fence you should move on to determine how the fence will be installed. 

If you choose to install a fence on your own you are going to be in for quite a bit of work.  Digging post holes, filling the holes with cement, and waiting for the cement to cure before installing the rest of the fence will take time and quite a bit of work.  If that sounds a bit too intense, you can opt to hire someone to install your fence.  Check with at least three individuals or companies for estimates.  This will give you a broad range of bids to choose from.  When you are deciding between companies ensure that they are properly insured, are aware of zoning regulations, have the necessary permits, the fences warranty, and the timeline for installation. 

The type of fence and the fencing material you choose will largely influence the total cost of your project.  There are several popular fence styles among homeowners.  Privacy fences are popular among individuals with children and pets as are semi-private fences.  Wrought iron fences and decorative wood fences are more for show rather than privacy or safety and benefit homeowners that simply want to draw a property line or add to the appeal of their yard.

 If you are searching for optimal privacy a vinyl or cedar fence will be your best bet.  Full privacy vinyl fences generally cost $10-$35 per linear foot while a wood fence is $17-$45 per linear foot. If you are searching for a perimeter marker or decorative addition to your yard, an aluminum fence is a cheaper substitute material that mimics the look of wrought iron and steel.  The cost per linear foot of an aluminum fence is $17-$90.  Finally, if you are on a strict budget and simply want a fence that will keep your pet from running out of your yard, you can opt for a chain-link fence.  While this type of fence is lacking in decorative appeal, it is the cheapest option with an average price per linear foot of $15-$40. 

While you may be attempting to keep your budget low, you shouldn’t skip the addition of a gate.  For safety purposes, a gate will allow you access through the fence in the event of an emergency.  Be aware, a fence gate usually costs anywhere from three to six times more per linear foot than the rest of the fence.  A chain link swing gate costs only $100, while a 28-foot chain-link wheeled gate costs closer to $1,000.  If you have installed a wood gate you can choose between a single wood gate or a double wood gate.  A single wood gate is only $75 while a double wood gate is $150.  The most expensive gate addition is an 8-foot vinyl double gate which costs approximately $800. 

In addition to a gate, consider what preparation your yard will need before adding a new fence.  Do you have an old fence to remove?  An existing fence that needs to be dismantled and thrown away will up the total cost of your project.  Typically, fence installers will charge anywhere from $50 to $90 per hour to remove an old fence with a typical removal time of one to six hours. 

If you are ready to go ahead with your fence installation, consider these final thoughts.  To assure that your new fence lasts beyond the estimated life space of 15 to 20 years, make sure you use strong posts to anchor the sections of fence.  You should also protect your fence from outdoor elements especially if you have chosen a wood fence.  Wood fences need to be stained and sealed within a week of installation. Finally, make sure to choose a style of fence that is popular in your area or fits with the style of your home.  This will help when you eventually sell your home.  A fence provides an additional assessment during the appraisal process which can add to the value of your home. 

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