Siding for Your Home: How to Choose the Right One

Some homeowners put their thoughts into the floor plan and paint colors when building or renovating their homes. They hardly pay attention to the siding, which protects the entire house. So why should they shift the focus to the siding? Remember that visitors are greeted by the siding before seeing the beautiful house interior. A sturdy and eye-catching siding will create the right impression and protect the house from harsh weather. It could also increase home value if the owner ever puts it on the market. How can inexperienced homeowners choose the right siding? This article will answer this question to ensure homeowners do not make costly mistakes.

Engineered Wood Siding

Engineered wood is one of the new kids in the block that is gaining popularity gradually. One of the benefits of this siding type is that it offers all the benefits of wood at a lower price. Therefore, people looking to enjoy the benefits of the expensive cider siding without spending too much can find an ideal engineered wood option that matches the design. Engineered wood siding offers many options, ranging from clapboard to plywood and hardboard. Therefore, if your home needs siding, you have valid reasons to consider this option. However, remember to discuss personal preferences with a contractor to pick the best.

Fiber Cement Siding

This is arguably one of the most durable siding homeowners can install. It is ideal for homeowners who want to enjoy maximum protection from external elements. This is because cement fiber can resist fire, water, wind, snow, UV rays, and rain. Additionally, it is available in different designs and elegant styles. With this siding, homeowners can maintain the desired look for years because it does not fade or rot. However, to enjoy these benefits, one must stretch their budget because the cost of fiber cement is relatively high.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has dominated the siding industry. Vinyl offers durability, beauty, and low maintenance, explaining its popularity and dominance. Vinyl siding is available in different colors and patterns, expressing manufacturers’ commitment to making what clients want. What are its drawbacks? Environmentally conscious people may dislike vinyl because of the toxicity associated with the PVC manufacturing process. Should this deter potential buyers? Well, this might be a minor negative aspect compared to the benefits vinyl siding offers.

Natural Wood Siding

Wood siding is known for its natural, charming look that can transform any house. Homeowners love wood siding because it can be customized to match the house’s design. Unlike engineered wood, it is authentic and makes a house easily stand out in the neighborhood. What’s more, wood siding is available at local lumber supply centers at an affordable price. Remember that it could fade, rot, or be damaged by pests. The maintenance practices for wood siding include staining, painting, and pest control.

Aluminum Siding

Why should homeowners consider aluminum siding? Well, it is durable and requires minimal maintenance. Once a property owner installs it, they will only need to clean it at least once yearly. It does not need painting or pest control services since pests or weather elements cannot destroy it. This siding option was common in the 70s but rare in recent years. Therefore, people with traditional homes can consider it to enjoy the vintage theme.

These are the popular siding materials for homeowners to consider. However, each option comes with the highlighted pros and cons. With this in mind, homeowners can evaluate each option and consult contractors to pick the right one. Remember to consider the design, color, budget, and maintenance requirements when choosing between these options.

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