4 Tips To Make Healthy Habits Fun For Kids & Parents

Parents need to model healthy habits for their kids. Doing so isn’t always easy, particularly when neither the parents nor the children are motivated. Make healthy routines fun and all family members are more inclined to participate. Over time, the healthy habits will become lifestyle changes. The following tips are a good place to start changing habits today.

Make Overall Health a Priority

Parents often focus on the physical health of their children while ignoring other aspects of overall health and well-being. Parents need to prioritize their child’s mental and oral health for the highest quality of life. A parent might put off scheduling a visit with a local pediatric dentist because their child gets anxious when they have an appointment. A pediatric dentist understands this and takes measures to make children feel safe and comfortable.

Moms and dads can take steps before the visit to put the child at ease. Visiting a store to pick out a fun toothbrush is one way to help the child relax. Suggest a good visit to the dentist might lead to a reward for the child. While good overall health is its own reward, parents might offer incentives to have the child looking forward to dental checkups.

Be Creative When Making Meals

People often dread making meals because they view it as a chore. When the whole family takes part in this activity, it becomes a bonding experience. Ask the kids to pick out some recipes they would like to try or have them help with chopping vegetables, stirring a sauce, or mixing ingredients.

Ask everyone in the family to find a new healthy recipe to try each week. Make it a competition to see who picks the best recipes over several weeks or months. Have this person earn a prize, such as a night off from doing dishes or the opportunity to stay up late one evening.

Make Fitness a Family Activity

Any physical activity is healthy but parents seem to forget this at times. Rather than going to the gym, moms and dads should grab their kids and head outdoors to find something fun to do. When this activity is fun, children are more likely to be engaged. Bike rides are enjoyable and all family members can take part, or you might want to put on hiking boots and head out to a local trail. On rainy days, cut some music on and have a dance party. The ideas are endless.

Practice Mindfulness

As previously mentioned, people cannot overlook their mental health and emotional well-being. Families need to practice mindfulness to nurture overall health. Try meditation and breathing exercises as a family or encourage kids to keep a journal or draw their feelings. A family might also read books that focus on emotions and coping strategies. However, don’t make this feel forced. The goal is to allow people to slow down, connect, and enjoy time together.

Find creative ways to make healthy habits enjoyable for all family members. At times, it might seem impossible to do. Talk with other parents to see what strategies they have used with success. Even if they don’t have any suggestions for a problem you are struggling with, knowing you aren’t alone will help. You can keep pushing forward until the right method is found and your family is on the path to healthier habits that will last a lifetime.

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