Russia's Diamond Mine With A History Of Tragic Deaths & Disasters!

Russia’s Diamond Mine With A History Of Tragic Deaths & Disasters!

Deep within Eastern Siberia lies the Mirny Mine, a monumental human-made abyss known as one of the largest man-made holes on Earth. It spans over a kilometer in width and plunges more than 525 meters into the earth. The mine is a testament to human effort, transitioning from open mining to challenging underground operations. In 2017, tragedy struck as a flood claimed the lives of eight miners. A lack of safety measures took the blame upon the mine’s leadership. The head of the mine himself faced a tragedy and died shortly after. 

The small city of Mirny is built close to this massive pit. This industrial town sits in one of the richest diamond deposits and the largest diamond mines. The Mirny Mine’s massiveness has some reports saying that helicopters are being dragged downward by airflows over its gaping mouth. Some sources even say that there are plans to redevelop and bring this abandoned open pit into a city of the future! Let’s dive deeper into the cold depths of Siberia and uncover the enigmatic Mir Mine’s tragic history. 

The Unbelievable Depths of Mir Mine

The Mirny Mine’s story begins with its discovery in 1955. It became a thriving moment marking the beginning of one of the world’s most prolific diamond producers. Geologists uncovered a treasure trove in the form of a kimberlite pipe. The mine’s dimensions—a depth over 525 meters and a 1200-meter girth—position it as the fourth deepest open-pit mine globally. Initially carved into the earth through open-pit mining, operations were active until 2001. It later began shifting underground in 2009.

Russia's Diamond Mine
Image source: Daily Mail

Tragedy Strikes: The 2017 Disaster Unfolded

The fateful events of 2017 began as water overflowed from an abandoned crater, flooding one of the mine’s pumping stations. Water bursts to the capacity of 120 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Over a hundred workers were in darkness as a power outage stalled evacuation lifts, causing confusion and fear. Although 133 miners were rescued, eight of them were not saved from its dark depths. 

The aftermath saw Alrosa, the state-controlled diamond producer, confront a whirl of backlash. The mine’s head, Alexei Burkser, along with the chief engineer, were terminated from their positions soon after the disaster. Things took an even grimmer turn when Burkser was found dead in his cell—a suspected suicide. Charged with neglect that led to the miners’ deaths, the tragedy shows the need for strict safety protocols in one of the world’s most dangerous industries.

Image source: Siberian times
Image source: Siberian times

City Of Mirny: Life Near The Gaping Mouth of The Mine!

The town of Mirny, founded in 1959, follows the discovery of the Yakutian diamonds. The town has a population of about 40,000 individuals and it is an administrative center of the Mirninskiy region. The city proudly holds some of the world’s largest high-grade diamond deposits. Mirny also has the headquarters of Russia’s largest diamond mining company, Alrosa.

Mirny has all the necessary conveniences and community services. It has various educational institutes, sports facilities, cultural facilities, etc. to support the lifestyle. However, living close to such a massive hole in the ground that runs over thousands of feet is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Especially, when considering the tragic past and deaths it surrounds.

Current Status and Future of Mir Mine

The future of the prolific Mir Mine is steeped in speculation and ambition. While operations were paused following the 2017 disaster, there exists a vision of rejuvenation and even urban transformation. Alrosa holds plans to rekindle this in the pursuit of diamonds, heralding a potential comeback for this icy titan of industry. Amidst discussions of redevelopment lies the question of sustainability and the ethical implications of delving deep for the sake of glittering jewels.

Russia's Diamond Mine
Image source: International Gemological Institute


The significance of the Mirny Mine stretches beyond its contributions to the global diamond market or its marking on the Earth’s surface—it is also a story of environmental impact and human cost. Striking a balance between extraction and ethical considerations echoes the values held by adventurers and environmentalists alike, such as Alex Rivera, who champions curiosity, respect for heritage, and staunch environmental protection. The Mir Mine embodies a saga of triumph, tragedy, and the unending search for harmony between humankind and the natural world.

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