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Here is everything about Owlkitty YouTube Cat Star

Here is everything about Owlkitty YouTube Cat Star

Owlkitty is a five years old cat adopted by Tibo and Olvia. She is a mixed breed shelter cat and lives in Portland, Oregon. Owl kilkitty’s adoptive mom is 12 years old tabby and her name is Juliette. Owlkitty is her stage name but her real name is Lizzy.

Owlkitty’s birthday is 3rd of March 2017 and now she is five years old. Firstly, she was adopted from a local animal shelter. This fully black pear-shaped cat star has big round eyes, like an owl.

Owlkitty pawrents Olivia and Tibo
Owlkitty pawrents Olivia and Tibo

Who owns Owlkitty?

Owlkitty owns and is adopted by Thibault Charroppin (cat dad) and Olivia Boone (cat mom). Owlkitty director Thibault Charroppin also known as Tibo. Tibo Charroppin is from France and he met Olivia when he was living in New York City. Tibo is an animator, filmmaker and professional photoshop wizard. He is currently working as senior video editor for the ACLU.

Owlkitty’s mom, (cat mom) Olvia is a creative writer and content editor. And also, she has worked in the arts, consulting and at nonprofit organizations.

Owlkitty YouTube channel

As a growing YouTube channel Owlkitty has more than 1.9 million subscribers and 325,880,380 views. Owl kitty was first featured on YouTube three years ago with titled “I can’t even with this cat”. Until now YouTube channel has uploaded 92 videos.

Owlkitty Jurassic Park

Best highlights on YouTube

Owlkitty Titanic

Owlkitty Instagram and other social media

Before being famous on YouTube Owlkitty was first featured on Instagram. Currently, Owlkitty’s Instagram account has 997k followers with only 162 posts. Owlkitty third Instagram post went viral by getting shared on Bored Panda.

Owlkitty social media accounts

Owlkitty net worth

Owl kitty makes its income mainly from YouTube and their Owl kitty merch website. They have more than 60 million monthly average views on YouTube. Through their YouTube views, we can estimate that Owl kitty makes $236 thousand a month, reaching 2.8 million a year. So, their net worth is being verified, but it will be more than $ 10 million.

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