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NewJeans Members | Unveiling the faces of New Jeans Members

NewJeans is an ultimate example of the recent K-pop girl groups that have been sought-after. It’s a group formed by ADOR, a subsidiary of Hybe Productions in South Korea, under the direction of Min Hee-Jin. The group name ‘NewJeans‘ is a wordplay on the phrase “new genes,” meaning a new generation of pop music. 

The group debuted “Attention” on July 22, 2022. Later “Hype Boy,” “Cookie,” “Ditto,” “OMG,” and “Tell Me” were released. Despite being new to the Kpop industry, their songs “OMG” and “Ditto” were ranked among the Billboard top 100. Within a short period of time, all of the songs released made it to Billboard’s Global 200’. 

NewJeans’ official fandom name is “Bunnies” or “Tokki”(rabbit in Korean)

We aim to share all the inspiring details about the NewJeans Members, including biographies, talents, interests, achievements, fun facts about each member, and much more. This article comprises information from sources like Wikipedia,,,, and official social media accounts. 

Keep reading to discover what you need to know about the rising girl group “NewJeans.”

Overview of New Jeans Members Profiles

The awe-inspiring group NewJeans combines the talent and beauty of five members, Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein. They were selected during the 2019 Global auditions by Big Hit & Source Entertainment, and the group’s line-up was officially announced by March 2022. 

Before debuting as NewJeans, some were involved in the industry already. Hanni and Minji appeared in BTS’s 2021 music video “Permission to dance,” while Hyein was part of a kid K-pop group, ‘U.SSO Girl‘ as U. Jeong. Danielle was also a regular cast member of tvN‘s variety show, Rainbow Kindergarten.

The oldest member is Minji, who is 19 years old, while the youngest of NewJeans, Hyein, is 15 years old. 

Discovering the Talents of NewJeans Member Hanni

Age19 years
ProfileHanni’s profile 
Instagram N/A
Positions Vocalist/ Dancer
Height 1.62m (5’4”)
Ethnicity Vietnamese-Australian
Fandom namesPigtail

Hanni, in full Pham Ngoc Han, was born in Melbourne, Australia, on October 6, 2004. She is the first Vietnamese idol under HYBE and 6th Vietnamese debut in K-pop. She performs the main vocals in New Jeans.

 As for her hobbies, she loves to play the ukulele and enjoys watching action, animated movies. Hanni is a huge fan of One Direction and Marvel movies. Her favourite colours are Gray and Mint, and some of her favourite things to eat are bread and meat

Hanni, credited as one of the lyricists of “Hype Boy“, explained that all members were given to write lyrics. “[Writing Lyrics] was a task from CEO Min, as she wanted to see how we would interpret the songs and also wanted to use our lyrics in songs as well! Lucky enough, Danielle’s lyrics got selected, and so did mine!”    Said Hanni. 

Hanni became the global face of Gucci and Armani Beauty, apart from their ambassadorships as a group.

Haerin: A Closer Look at the Rising Star in NewJeans

Age17 years
ProfileHaerin’s profile 
Instagram N/A
Positions Vocalist, Dancer 
Height 1.65m (5’5”)
Weight 56kg
Ethnicity Korean
Color White
Fandom names Voice fairy

Kang Haerin is from Gimcheon, South Korea, and was born on May 15, 2006. She debuted with New Jeans when she was age 16. She is the lead vocalist of New eans.

Haerin likes to play pansori and enjoys listening to music. She loves bright colours and flowery, refreshing scents. With others in the group, she was a global ambassador for Zero Sugar Coca-cola and LG Electronics.

NewJeans Member Minji: Exploring her Vocal Prowess

Age19 years 
Profile Minji’s profile 
Instagram N/A
Positions Vocalist, Dancer
Height 1.69m (5’6”)
Weight 57kg
Ethnicity Korean
Colour Yellow
Fandom names Teddybear, Minki

Minji was born in Gangwon, South Korea, on May 7, 2004, and is the main dancer. She was a trainee at Source music and was the face of Plus Global Auditions in 2019. Minji’s first performances were in videos PLUS GLOBAL AUDITION #THE_GIRL 1 and 2 in 2019. She shows pride in making the best songs by working hard, which is no surprise considering how good she is as an entertainer.  

As for her hobbies, she enjoys reading, going for walks, watching movies, and decorating her journal. She has mentioned chicken, pasta, Chocolate ice cream, and crispy cookies as some of her favourite things to eat. Also, Mnji adores the colours black, red, and blue, 

I was so proud of the way we kept working on our shortcomings to end up with what we did.” Said Minji in one of her interviews. 

In February 2023, she was announced as the new global ambassador of “Chanel Korea.” Further, she has served as the global ambassador for Levi’s. She is a member of the journaling club of Phoning, the app for NewJeans.

Danielle Marsh: The Multitalented NewJeans Member You Need to Know

Age18 years
Profile Danielle’s Profile
Instagram N/A
Positions Vocalist, Dancer 
Height 1.65m (5’5”)
Weight 54kg
Ethnicity Korean-Australian
Colour Green
Fandom names Dani, Mo Dani, Sunflower, Pucca Danielle and Marshmallow Danielle 

Danielle Marsh, also known as Mo Ji Hye, is from Munsan, Paju, South Korea, and was born on April 11, 2005. She has dual nationality because of her Korean mother and Australian father. She is the lead vocalist of the group.

Danielle was a kid model in Korea, filming various commercials and TV appearances. In 2012, she appeared in JTBC‘s Shinhwa Broadcast. She was credited as a lyricist of the group NewJeans.

As for her hobbies, she enjoys painting, drawing, and listening to music. Apart from those, Danielle loves swimming a lot. She wishes to start a surfing club with her fellow member, Hanni, because she adores surfing. She loves the colour yellow, and her favourite food is everything her mother makes. 

Burberry announced that they had selected Danielle as the new brand ambassador. Moreover, the news of Danielle being chosen as Yves Saint Laurant Beauty‘s newest brand ambassador was released on the 13th of March.

Hyein: Unleashing the Charisma of NewJeans Member and Rapper

Age15 years
Profile Hyein’s profile 
Instagram N/A
Positions Rapper/ Sub-vocals
Height 1.7m (5’7”)
Weight 51kg
Ethnicity Korean
Color Blue (cyan)
Fandom names Grace Lee, Li Hiuren

Lee Hye In was born in Incheon, South Korea, on April 21, 2008. When she was at the age of 14, she made her debut with NewJeans. She is the maknae and performs sub-vocals.

Hyein was a member of the first generation of the kid group ‘U.SSO Girl in 2017, and she was a kid model in Korea. She made appeared in some magazines like Lemon Tree and Style magazine, which boosted her confidence at a young age. 

As for her hobbies, she enjoys taking photographs, taking walks, and watching movies. The Harry Potter franchise is considered one of her favourites. She has mentioned purple as her favourite colour, and strawberry, Strawberry cream cakes, and soups are some of her favourite things to eat. But she especially enjoys the homemade food from her grandmother. 

The news of Hyein being chosen as Louis Vuitton‘s newest brand ambassador was released on December 30, 2022.


NewJeans is an impressive K-pop group composed of the charms of five young idols; Hanni, Haerin, Minji, Danielle, and Hyein. Even the name NewJeans is a reference to how jeans never go out of style. All the members ranged from 15 to 19 years old.

They have managed to build their own refreshing and unique image in a short period and put out fantastic songs. New Jeans is one of the most liked groups with top-ranking songs like “Attention“, “Hype Boy“, “Hurt,” and much more. We believe New Jeans will achieve greatness in the future no long.

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