Millions of Women Are Touching The Genitals Of This Cemetery Statue Visitors Expect Strange Benefits From The Notorious Bulge In Its Pants!

Millions of Women Are Touching The Genitals Of This Cemetery Statue| Visitors Expect Strange Benefits From The Notorious Bulge In Its Pants!

The world is full of surprises and this is surely one of the most bizarre things you will ever hear. Millions of women across the world visit and touch the genitals of this grave statue in France. This is the statue of Victor Noir, a famous journalist who lived in the 1800’s. Every year, many women and men from all over the world come to the Pere-Lachaise Cemetery, to kiss the lips, touch the feet, and rub the genitals of Victor’s statue. They don’t do it just for fun. They strangely expect fertility benefits and a blissful sex life from these strange behaviors. 

Pere-Lachaise Cemetery is a place where history, art, and a bit of the unusual intertwine. Many come to pay their respects to famous figures like Oscar Wilde, Chopin, and Jim Morrison. However, the most unexpected attraction is towards the grave of Victor Noir. There is something unique about how the statue is built. Let’s dive into the story of Victor Noir and what is so special about it.

Victor Noir: The Man Behind The Myth?

Victor Noir’s life story is as touching as it is tragic. An apprentice journalist for “La Marseillaise,” his career and life were cut short in 1870. He was just 22 at the time of his death. Engaged to be married, his untimely death added a layer of romanticism to his legacy. Yet, it’s his grave that continues to fascinate and mystify.

At that time, the owner of the newspaper he worked for, Henri Rochefort, and the editor, Pascal Grousset came to a conflict with Prince Pierre Bonaparte. Pierre was the great-nephew of the famous Napoleon Bonaparte, and cousin of the ruling Emperor at the time Napoleon III. Victor was sent to resolve the issue with another employee. An argument soon broke out between the two parties and Bonaparte shot Victor to his death. 

The murder of Victor outraged the public. On the day of Noir’s funeral, over 100,000 people gathered at Noir’s home. To add more fuel to the fire, Pierre Bonaparte was charged with murder. 

Victor Noir
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 The Creation of The “Sexiest Tomb” | Statue Gives Strangest Benefits! 

Crafted by sculptor Jules Dalou, Victor Noir’s life-size statue captures the journalist in a moment of eternal repose. For some unknown reason, Dalou gave the statue a bulge under the belt, which is of course noticeable.

He is lying with his coat open and hat by his side. The statue’s partially unbuttoned trousers have sparked a legend, leading to its reputation as the “sexiest tomb” in Pere-Lachaise. Around the 1970s, a myth started that kissing his lips, rubbing the crotch, and touching his feet would bring strange benefits. Visitors, particularly women, are drawn to the grave. They believe that touching the statue can enhance fertility and help in finding love.

The legend surrounding Victor Noir’s grave has grown over the years, with many attributing powers of fertility and love to the statue. Touch his right foot, if you wish to get pregnant, and touch his left foot if you want to have twins. According to the tale, a baby will soon approach for mothers-to-be and a man will soon follow for single ladies. This belief is so strong that you can even notice how shiny Noir’s lips and groin are compared to the rest. The rest of his body has the usual greenish tone of oxidized bronze. 

Fifteen years ago, authorities built a protective around it to save the statue. However, a public outcry—especially from Paris’s female population—led to its removal.

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Victor Noir
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Pere-Lachaise: Paris’s Legendary Cemetery

Nestled in the heart of Paris, Pere-Lachaise stands as a monumental chapter in the city’s history. It has over 100 acres of tombstones, mausoleums, and lush avenues. Each year, around 3 million people wander its paths and are looking forward to seeing the resting places of the world-renowned individuals. 


Victor Noir’s grave stands as a curious intersection of history, culture, and superstition at Pere-Lachaise Cemetery. It’s a testament to the power of stories and beliefs in shaping our interactions with historical sites. For visitors like Alex Rivera, who thrive on the blend of natural beauty, history, and the unexplained, the grave of Victor Noir offers a unique glimpse into how legends can breathe life into stone, inviting us to explore the deeper, often quirky layers of cultural heritage.

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