Meet Melisa Raouf, the First Miss England contestant without Makeup

Meet Melisa Raouf, the First Miss England contestant without Makeup

Contesting in a beauty pageant is a brave decision for a contestant as that can divert the winning possibilities from her. Melisa Raouf is special not only for showing such courage but for doing that in the Miss England Beauty contest. This article is everything about Melisa Raouf, Miss England 2022 finalist who competes without makeup in the finale for the first time in 94-year history.

Melisa Raouf’s biography and early life

Melisa Raouf, or Melisa Najafi Raouf, was born on 28 November 2001 in Hastings, East Sussex, England. She is 20 years old and will turn 21 with a victorious mind if she wins the Finals of the Miss England contestant on 17 October this year.

Melissa is interested in International Politics as a student, and she is studying it at King’s College London. The contestant is currently living in London. Not only education but her modeling career have been made easy with her London approach. When looking at her hobbies, she is interested in reading.

As Melisa has explained, she loves psychological reading books as she can help others. We can see that she is inspiring other women to avoid using toxic Makeup as a part of that habit. However, Melisa has never shown interest in taking part in modeling until she turns 18.

“I have never imagined I would meet the beauty demands of various model shoots. Despite that fact, I have become a model. The same attitude made me contest in the contest with a bare face, and I hope I will make it through the final,”

Melisa Raouf
Real name/ Full nameMelisa Najafi Raouf
Birthday29 of November 2001
BirthplaceHastings, East Sussex, England
Zodiac signSagittarius
Height5 Feet 8 Inches (173cm)
Weightapprox. 55kg
Hair colorDark brown
Eye colorTurquoise

Family and relationship

The beauty contestant has not revealed who her parents are. But, she has said that she is an English lady whose’ religion is Christianity. Although her name runs across a Muslim accent with the meaning “Passionate,” we can assume that Melisa’s grandparents have an Islamic background only.

When looking at Melisa’s social media, we don’t see any siblings of her as well. Also, we can’t see any person who appears to be Melisa’s boyfriend as well. Maybe, we will see such information after the Miss England Final./

Melisa Raouf in Miss England 2022 competition
Melisa Raouf in Miss England 2022 competition

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The only career Melisa is interested in at the moment is modeling. Melisa mentioned that she started modeling a couple of years ago. We can assume that Melisa will be an influencer as a confirmed fact, as she is already growing fast in social media. The very first influencing moment for Melisa is for PAPYRUS. She had updated a post regarding the PAPYRUS on Instagram this year.

Also, if Melisa wins the Miss England title, there is a higher chance of her becoming an Ambassador as she is studying International Politics.

How much is Melisa Raouf’s net worth in 2022?

Melisa Raouf net worth is $30,000. The only way to bring that is through modeling. Melisa has appeared in a few shoots for some products as well. However, if she wins the Miss England title this year, her net worth will reach $100,000. Also, she will be a millionaire soon as there will be new earning opportunities that may come on her path.

Social media

Even before the Miss England contest, Melisa was a famous personality on Social media as she took part in the 2019 Bare Face contest. Several hashtags were created for her as her thoughts were truly inspiring. But, we could not see her on Social media. However, she is available only on Instagram.

Melisa Raouf Instagram

Melisa has 33.2k followers on Instagram for just 08 posts she had uploaded. She is sharing her free thoughts and influencing stuff through Instagram. Also, the contestant will become someone travel-based-influencing in the near future as she has the ambition to travel and photograph.


What is Melisa Raouf’s ethnicity?

Melisa Raouf’s ethnicity is English. Although she has an Arabic or Muslim name, Melisa is an English lady who has settled in England.

What is Melisa Raouf’s parents’ nationality?

Melisa Raouf’s parents’ nationality is English.

How old is Melisa Raouf?

Melisa is 20 years old. She will turn 21 this November.

What is Raouf’s name origin?

Melisa’s surname is Raouf. When looking at its origin, we can see that it belongs to the Middle East.

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