Meet Kenedi Anderson who got American Idol Platinum Ticket

Meet Kenedi Anderson who got American Idol Platinum Ticket

Kenedi Anderson is a songwriter and a singer who is just emerging through American Idol. She took part in ABC’s singing reality show American Idol season 20 this year and could end up having a Platinum Ticket. Similar to most of the young talents, Kenedi has been appearing on Tik Tok and other social media platforms to show her talents.

Biography and Early Life

Kenedi Anderson is from Crozet, Virginia, United States. She was born to Justin Eric Anderson and Anne Anderson, who is also from Crozet. Kenedi was born in 2014, which means Kenedi Anderson age is just 18 this year. She is the second child in her family as well. She did her schooling at Western Albermarle High School and then moved to sing in various TV programs and reality shows.

As she has mentioned to some magazines, school life taught her singing, and her parents and siblings were her strength. She was the second to have received a platinum ticket at the American idol. She lives in Los Angeles, California, as it is easy for her vocalizing career. 

Kenedi Anderson at AMerican Idol
Kenedi Anderson at American Idol

Kenadi Anderson Family and Relationships

Kenedi Anderson’s father is a coach, and her mother is a housewife. Kenedi has five siblings named Dakota, Kenedi, Rubee, Peyton, Jayce, and Jackson. She is the second child in her family as well. She is a loved daughter as well as an inspiring sister to her large family. There is not any date or relationship found by the media yet.

Who is Kenedi Anderson’s dad?

Kenedi Anderson’s father is Eric Anderson, who is working as a football coach for East Carolina University. His experience relates to the director of player personnel for the University of Virginia’s football team.  He single-handedly takes scare of his family as well. He was a professional footballer and has happened to move to different parts of the country due to his footballing and coaching career.

What happened at American Ideal?

When Kenedi stepped onto the stage, Judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan were on the judge board. What she started to sing was Lady Gaga’s Applause song which required booming, bass chords, and a sort of vibe. Surprisingly, Kenedi Anderson went to the piano and did classical singing, which astonished the judges. Katy Perry looked amazed from the beginning while Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan expressed their pleasure in body language.

At the end of her singing, all three judges stood and applauded her singing. “I need two backstage passes right now. Your vocals, look, performance, and everything are for the best of you,” said Lionel Richie. Katy Perry was the person who got happy the most. “Where are your fans? You did amazing work here. You must get ready to become your own hero,” said Katy. Look, Bryan said that she would be the biggest star they would ever see. All judges together said, “You are going to Hollywood.”

What does Kenedi think about the platinum ticket?

“It’s just insane to me; I cannot believe they think I’m worthy of this, and that just gives me such self-confidence and happiness,” said Kenedi after she got the platinum ticket and unlocking the opportunity to go to Hollywood.

Social media

Kenedi Anderson Instagram has posted just 43 posts on Instagram, and she has been able to have 53.9k followers under her name. She has posted some appealing images on her family and her singing career. Kenedi is not active on Facebook yet. But she has uploaded several viral videos on Tik Tok. That is why she was made a stunning and awesome vocalist as well.  When coming to Twitter, Kenedi has got over 2900 followers. She usually posts frequently on Twitter, and the posts are about her lifestyle and the latest news on her.

Kenedi Anderson net worth

Kenedi Anderson’s net worth is believed to be around 50,000 USD to 100,000 USD. Kenedi Anderson is doing great right now as she just started emerging through American Idol this year. But she has not been able to get into earning yet through a singing career. However, Kenedi is an influencing character on Tik Tok and Instagram, which might have brought revenue to her. 

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