I will tell you the truth about Kasra Wong in the Next 60 Seconds

I will tell you the truth about Kasra Wong in the Next 60 Seconds

The Adam Project brought lots of opportunities for young talents. Kasra Wong is one of those young talents who could show his talents. Among young actors who have a family background in acting or luck, Kasra had only his talents. He wanted to become a storyteller and an actor, and he has achieved that almost.


The 15-year-old Kasra is an American actor who has great skills in acting. He started acting when he was just 09, and he got a collection of decent work at the age of 15. This article will explain Kasra’s family and relationships, career, social media, net worth, and everything you should know about him. 

Family and Relationships

Kasra has not sent his family public. Yet, he doesn’t have an Instagram account either. The 15-year-old boy is thinking all about acting and his school career. He is not at an age to date as well. As he revealed in an interview on YouTube, all he cares about is fulfilling his dream of becoming an actor with storytelling skills. Other than that, he spends his time with a gaming console and watching movies, and those two things are the relations he has at [resent.

Kasra Wong in The Adam Project movie
Kasra Wong in The Adam Project movie


Kasra Wong was born in the USA in 2007. He had focused on becoming an actor and a storyteller at his youngest age, and he made his path towards that. Kasra revealed to the media that he was fond of acting, and he made his choices according to that. Not only Kasra but his parents assisted him.

He got the chance to act on a Nintendo commercial when he was in grade 04. Along with that start, he kept going the momentum and showed off his talents in several ways. Not only television commercials but paper advertisements, television appearances, and movies came on his way. Although his height, 5ft 2 inches, was something that could have dropped him, his fantastic acting skills brought him opportunities.

 Kasra has been able to work with big directing guns in Hollywood, such as Michael Spiller, James Griffiths, and Jay Karas, by the time this article is published. Along with the Adam Project, Kasra got to know more significant titles in Hollywood, such as Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, Walker Scobell and Zoe Saldana.

Kasra Wong movies

Kasra has not acted in many movies. But he has managed to put his name in a good position in the movies and TV series he acted in, The Mighty Duck: Game Changers Trevor Reddick (2021), Under Wraps Gooning Kid (2021). Under Wraps was a TV movie which did not have much budget, which granted Kasra the role of Gooning Kid.

Kasra provided his voice and acting skills for the Mighty Duck: Game Changers as Trevor Reddick. He appeared in 06 episodes, and that was the biggest role he got as well.

The role in The Adam Project

The role Kara got in The Adam Project is a typical schooler who is helping his friend to bully Adam. What Kasra had to do as Chuck in the Adam Movie was to support his friend Ray in bullying young Adam on a couple of occasions. His role came up earlier when there was not an intense situation.

Although appreciation did not come to him through his charter “Chuck”, it was a victory for Kasra to act in the movie. Also, his non-appreciation shows how truthful he has been to his character. Although there is no talk about an upcoming movie or the second part of Adam Project, he deserves many.

Social media

Kasra Wong is not a socialized person, and that is visible in his social media life as well. The young talented person is not on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter; it seems he has set his limits.

Kasra Wong net worth

The approximate Kasra Wong’s Net worth is $100,000. He has neither acted in many movies nor appeared in TV commercials. Therefore, the net worth has not got any acceleration. But he will grow soon as he is a well-known character and has enough potential.

Facts you would like to know about Kasra Wong

  • Although there is a lot to talk about Kasra Wong, he is just a 15-year-old actor.
  • Kasra Wong has been cast in several TV commercials due to his storytelling skills.
  • The girl with whom he appears in the popular image on the internet is not his girlfriend.
  • Since Kasra Wong is not on social media, you cannot contact him, although you are a die-hard fan.

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