What Happened to Jelly Boy The Clown on AGT 2024?

Best known for his daring and unique sideshow acts, including sword swallowing on AGT season 19

Age (at audition)Not specified
Home TownNew York
ActSideshow Performer
Position ReachedAdvanced to the next round

Jelly Boy The Clown is a very popular sideshow performer. He brought a blend of danger, humor, and magic to the AGT stage. His audition in Season 19 left the judges and audience stunned and impressed.


Jelly Boy The Clown is part of The Squidling Brothers, a well-known circus sideshow group. Famous for his unique acts, he has performed at places like ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not’, Coney Island, and in cities like Berlin, Dubai, and Tokyo.

His real name is a mystery but in the Facebook profile it appears as Eric Broomfield. Before AGT, he amazed audiences with his daring acts involving fire, electricity, and even with science-inspired tricks. He is internationally recognized for his skills

Jelly Boy The Clown Biography 

Jelly Boy The Clown is a daring sideshow performer known for his unique and thrilling acts.

Real Name Eric Broomfield
BirthplaceNew York
ProfessionSideshow performer
Jelly Boy The Clown

Family & Relationships

There are not much family and relationships details about Jelly Boy The Clown in the internet.

What happened in America’s Got Talent?


In the episode 3 of AGT series 19, Jelly Boy The Clown entered the stage surprising everyone out there with his fancy look. “Oh no, oh no, oh no,” Cowell said as Jelly Boy stepped onto the stage. However, Jelly Boy promised a different kind of show. “I’m here to show you guys clowning in a different light,” he said.

What followed was an act far removed from traditional clown antics, involving sunning feats of sword-swallowing, and even including fire and electricity. The judges cringed at the first sight, yet by the end, Cowell himself appreciated the performance. “You’re really not a clown,” Sofia Vergara said after getting so much impressed with the act.

“That wasn’t clowning. That was fantastic,”

Simon Cowell

Every gave him Yes votes and he got advanced in to the next round. Howie Mandel said finally “Very rarely does a clown get four yeses”

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Jelly Boy The Clown’s AGT audition showed off his special talent and impressed the judges, earning him a spot in the competition. His bold and exciting act made special in the series, and we can expect more thrilling performances from him.

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