Ichikawa Koikuchi Age, Net Worth & Latest Update After BGT

Ichikawa Koikuchi is a 42-year-old entertainer from Japan in the hit reality show Britain’s Got Talent 2023. In the semifinal, he showcased his talent once again. Despite the audience’s and judges’ positive reactions, he could not secure enough public votes to advance to the BGT final and was eliminated in the semifinal. His net worth is not revealed as of 2023. With the latest update, let’s find out what happened to him after BGT.

What is Ichikawa Koikuchi Doing Now?

Ichikawa Koikuchi currently resides in Japan with his family. He continues his career as a farting comedian. He is performing as a comedian around the world and also he is performing his talents on social media platforms.

Ichikawa Koikuchi net worth

He earns his income from live performances but his net worth is not available as of June 2023. 

Ichikawa Koikuchi Biography

Ichikawa Koikuchi was born in 1981, Japan and is now 42 years old as of 2023. He is Japanese, and his religion is not revealed. Koikuchi claimed to have been performing for 30 years before his audition and said his family had a talent for it because it was in their genes. He added that performing in front of royalty was his goal when he applied for BGT. 

Fast Facts

Known asIchikawa Koikuchi
Real nameIchikawa Koikuchi
Age42 Years Old
ProfessionFarting comedian

Ichikawa Koikuchi Family & relationships

Boyfriend/ Girlfriend/ SpouseUnknown

BGT Update

What happened to Ichikawa Koikuchi in Britain’s Got Talent Auditions?

He performed a great comedy performance at his audition and got three yeses from the judges. He did a series of stunts by farting, including blowing out a birthday cake, popping a balloon, and blowing out three party horns. Simon and Bruno buzzed his performance, but Simon later returned his buzz. Bruno said “There’s nowhere else for you to be than this spectacle, adding that the performance was like an out-of-body experience“.

What happened to Ichikawa Koikuchi in Britain’s Got Talent Semi Finals?

He farted into a microphone in the semifinal while accompanied by an orchestra and two ballet dancers, with special effects making his farts appear fluorescent. However, he couldn’t reach the final.

Facts we admire

  • He is very funny

He is a very funny guy and always trying to make other people laugh and be happy.

  • He is talented

He has a very unique talent which he uses to make his performances very enjoyable and he always strives to improve his skills.

Ichikawa Koikuchi Social Media

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