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How to become a Doctor

How to become a Doctor

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Becoming a doctor requires a lot of effort, students should have deep knowledge about biology. When students decide that they have to become a doctor, they should know the whole process because many students do not know the process and regret later not knowing the process. There are a lot of students who want to become a doctor from their childhood but later they change because it requires a lot of effort. 

You need to have physics, chemistry, and biology as your main subjects in class 12th. Then you need to give the NEET examination which is a national level entrance exam conducted by the National Testing Agency which was earlier conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education. Then you need to clear the exam, apply for the course you want to do in different colleges. 

Students who fail to clear NEET can not apply to medical colleges in India, you can take a year for preparation and then try again. Students who can clear can apply for MBBS and BDS courses across India in different colleges. There is no other way to become a doctor if you are not able to clear the National Eligibility Entrance Test after class 12th. 

If you have passion for something you are surely going to get it no one can stop you, students need to have faith in themselves to become a doctor. There is a lot of competition in every field, same as with the medical field. If students are ready to study daily for hours with concentration, they are surely going to achieve their goal of becoming a doctor. Listen carefully when teachers are online teaching

Becoming a doctor is hard, complicated and a long path. Unless the desire to surpass is strong, it is truly tough to go through the suffering of never-ending studies, tutorials, and more studies. The lengthy period between entry into MBBS to coming to be a full-fledged specialized doctor demotivates many not to continue. 

Write down all the reasons why you want to become a doctor, but those points on the wall and see them daily. When you see it daily, you will motivate yourself to study more and achieve your goals. You need to understand that competition is very much, lakhs of other candidates are putting efforts daily to become a successful doctor. 

First, try to be part of the competition, you can not directly be at the top in a short time. Your methods of learning and understanding concepts should be unique and creative, all can study day and night and learn. But it depends on you how you are different and better than others. Practice daily, it should be written practice, it should be done by using your creative skills. When teachers teach online, make notes. 

Medical schools are not easy, they need a lot of effort and regularity. You should be very good at time management of time, you should have time management skills. You have to study a lot so you must know how to complete many tasks on daily basis. Every successful person in this world knows how to manage time. Divide time for every task, you can even set a timer for every task, when the timer rings, stop the task at that moment and start doing the next task. 

Never study at night, your brain learning capacity is least at night. Your brain will start losing learning efficiency if you make a habit of studying at night and sleeping in the day. As growth hormone is released at night while sleeping so there will be no proper releasing of growth hormone and metabolism of the body will not be proper. 

Exercise regularly, no need to do heavy exercises. Eat on time to get energy for studying, never miss any meal. Many students do not eat regularly and get sick which makes their academic performance bad. Make notes regularly, there is a proper way of making notes.

You can not write anything that comes to your mind without thinking. Only important things should be written, make rough diagrams and label them. As there are many diagrams in biology, you are required to improve your drawing. Learn how to make diagrams properly with labeling. You can make flowcharts while preparing notes. 

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