Fashion PR and Publicity: Promoting Your Brand in the Media

Fashion PR and Publicity: Promoting Your Brand in the Media

Clothing is basic. Everyone wears clothes and wants to be fashionable. That’s where fashion brands come in. They follow fashion trends and ensure that they come up with stylish clothes. But the competition is high and ever-increasing, with fast fashion coming in. Thus, developing ways to promote your fashion brand is becoming important. Other than using marketing strategies to promote your brand, you also need other means to promote your fashion brand. Yes, fashion PR can also help promote your fashion brand. The blog discussed what fashion PR is, its strategies, and unique marketing ideas for a fashion brand.

What does a fashion PR do?

A fashion PR or publicist works with every brand in the fashion world, from accessories to swimwear to lingerie to ready-to-wear and more. The main job of fashion PR is to market a fashion brand’s collection and particular campaigns. They are also responsible for creating a fashion brand’s profile and brand awareness.

Great tips for fashion PR to use for brand promotion

Use great imagery.

The first tip is to use the best visuals to earn promotional benefits using fashion PR in earned media. As everyone knows, fashion is a visual industry, and using quality images is a prerequisite to strengthening your first impression. Thus, invest in compelling images that capture the essence of the brand and its design. Whether flat lays or lifestyle shoots, go big or go home.

Work with big retail partners and showcase it.

If your fashion brand is working with any major retailer, you should highlight it as a PR to get press coverage. Whether it is Amazon or a major local retailer, do it.

Develop great content while pitching to media contacts.

Your story should have a good angle when going for a media outreach campaign. Having a great product is nice, but communicating the same’s key features is also necessary. Here are a few strategies you can use to promote it:

Does your new collection have a shade or design that celebrities predominantly wear? If yes, you can use it in your communication. As a fashion PR, you should stay current with trends and use them while writing product round-ups.

 Expert Commentary

Fashion PR can also use this communication tactic. If any of the brand’s team members or founders know about new industry trends, use that to write and pitch to editors. It is like the inside scoop, which everyone loves.

Celebrity Outreach

Associating your brand with celebrities is also a great way to get fashion PR coverage for your brand. To do this, compile a list of celebrities matching the brand’s aesthetic and know who is stylish with it. They have multiple stylists, so when you find someone with appropriate contact information, email them or set up a meeting. Ensure the message is short and crisp and respects the person’s time and duty. If they want to work with you, they will send you a message asking for imagery, which you can use to start the work.

General fashion marketing ideas

Ensure the brand’s look is consistent across all platforms

Ensure the look of your brand across all social media and other marketing platforms is the same. For instance, Ralph Lauren uses the same colors and logo everywhere. It helps the user remember the brand and evoke emotions.

Work on your website.

Investing in your website is crucial because it serves as the forefront of your brand. It connects viewers with your business and lets them interact with your brand’s work. So, a functional website that is easy to navigate and friendly to use is necessary.

Remind shoppers of the shopping carts.

70% of shoppers abandon their carts. There are many distractions that can lead to shopping carts being abandoned. Make sure fashion marketers do not let this happen. Otherwise, your sales will decrease. The solution for this is to remind the shoppers about their carts. You can use push notifications or an email campaign to remind them about the products waiting for them in the cart.


To market your fashion brand, you need to meet potential investors and clients. You need investment in marketing and distribution. One way to do this is through networking. Go to networking events and seminars to make connections. Ensure you bring your digital business card with you to share your details and follow up easily.

Start a blog and run it consistently.

A blog is helpful for all brands, and a fashion brand is no exception. A blog not only informs people about your fashion brand but also helps bring people to your website. It is a free marketing tool that can increase traffic and improve SERP ranking if you work consistently on it.

Work with influencers.

Working with fashion bloggers and influencers helps you enhance your brand’s reputation. It can establish you as a thought leader and make your brand respectable among people. Also, people follow the advice of their influencers a lot. So, it can help your brand increase sales.

 Use hashtags

It is necessary to use hashtags while marketing your business online. It can undoubtedly help your business perform better on social media platforms. It is not a useless tool, and using hashtags to grow your business can give you better results.

Use Instagram stories to create excitement.

Whenever you are launching something new, you should use Instagram stories to create excitement amongst your target audience. It keeps them on their toes as they await the launch. It builds up excitement, which can increase engagement rates.

Use an email marketing strategy.

Make sure you use a robust email marketing strategy to your advantage. Get people to sign up and share newsletters and email campaigns when launching a new product or more.


Fashion is mostly about personal preference and comfort. Brands that understand this and create better clothes using eco-friendly means will get a higher ROI. Ensure you use a mix of the above marketing tips and PR through earned media to get your business noticed among the rightful consumers.

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