The Most Expensive Premier League Signing In History

Enzo Fernandez: The Most Expensive Premier League Signing In History

Since the brand change in the 1992-93 season, the English Premier League has seen an increase in foreign players taking center stage, and transfer records have been shattered regularly. Nevertheless, EPL teams have continued to enjoy success, especially with the league becoming very popular, just like Serie A picks gaining traction today.

Most teams earn plenty of money, allowing them to spend plenty during transfer windows. And since the first significant takeover with Roman Abrahamovic buys Chelsea FC, the story changed. The league became more competitive for many years, and when Manchester City got its break, the competition expanded to the top. 

The league became more attractive, and the money tripled. More expensive players made their way to the club, and we could see how exciting it would get for the fans. Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea were all involved in expensive transfers. They consistently broke the transfer record. 

However, the last to do it now is Chelsea, after securing the signature of one of the brightest youngsters in the world. Enzo Fernandez started gaining clout since joining Benfica in July 2022. He brought something different to the team, and his World Cup performance sealed everything we already knew about him. 

So, let’s explore Enzo Fernandez and his expensive move to Stamford Bridge. We also dropped our opinion on what we expect from the Argentine throughout his 8+ years contract.  

Age and Profile

Enzo Jeremias Fernandez is a prolific central midfielder who started his professional journey with the River Plate reserves before securing a move to Europe. He is 5ft 10in and is currently 22 years old after celebrating his birthday on the 17th of January. Fernandez came from the small town of San Martin and has wowed the footballing world with his style. 

His profile sees him play as a holding midfielder, who is at the heart of the game. Fernandez’s most incredible strengths are his long balls and playmaking skills, making him a perfect fit for a club struggling with connecting the defense and attack. Enzo is a special midfield breed that will help any team work well. 

The 22-year-old Argentine is one of the reasons Benfica were dominant in their UEFA Champions League group stage run. The team was dominant because the midfield remained solid, and the defense and attack could do their jobs freely. As a result, he is an excellent midfielder.

Club History

The journey started when he got into the River Plate academy. By 2018, he made it into the River Plate reserves, waiting for his moment to showcase his talent and burst into the senior team. However, he couldn’t get a breakthrough, so Fernandez went on loan to Defensa y Justicia, where he was impressed. 

He was so good that River Plate took him back after one season on loan, and they started to use him. It didn’t even take long before European clubs scouted him. His impressive gameplay and calmness got him a move to Europe, and more people started to hear about the incredible Enzo Fernandez. 

At Benfica, he was an instant success. Between July 2022 and December 2022, he impressed the entire world, and it even earned Enzo a spot in the Argentine squad. After that, Benfica became a more exciting team, and finally, Enzo became the most expensive Premier League player after an incredible deadline-day transfer saga between Chelsea and Benfica. 

FIFA World Cup Performance

The FIFA World Cup came with a bang and showed us some players who haven’t gained any popularity over the years. For instance, Enner Valencia of Ecuador was one of the bright stars, Azzedine Onuahi was also impressed in the competition, and Mohammed Kudus, Mitoma Kaoru, and many others were also exciting to watch. 

Enzo Fernandez was the best youngster in the competition. He was so good that he beat top-rated players like Jude Bellingham, Jamal Musiala, Bukayo Saka, and others to the award. So, with incredible surprise, it came as no surprise that Enzo got big money move this January.  

Future Projections and What We Think

Enzo Fernandez is a bright player with a great future. The Argentinian will be a massive addition to Chelsea because he fits the profile of the player they need. As a result, we expect him to transform the team’s dynamic instantly and put them in a competitive position for many years. 

Also, we expect the team to fortify its position and get more talents to help the available ones, making the project more attractive. As a result, the future has something to deliver with Enzo at Chelsea and Todd Bohely running things.

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