8 Popular Athletes Who Play Online Games

8 Popular Athletes Who Play Online Games

Playing games online will remain one of the best ways for athletes to relax and enjoy their free time. However, it gets a little bit crazy with some players as they try to explore more than usual. In that case, we see famous athletes enter competitions where they try their hands at top games and play against others.  

The popularity of online games can’t be understated because it has become a big part of the world today. We even have online casino real money games on smartwatches and other wearables. So, we believe the popularity will only continue, and more players will keep exploring the opportunities they present. 

Many athletes have continued to explore the chance of winning big with online casino games. Although some places frown on gambling, the allure of the gambling world can’t be underestimated. Therefore, it has given players more to consider. In that case, it is more exciting to watch. 

In addition, esports has also become more exciting, and the industry is now more attractive. We have players that have affiliations with different brands in the esports industry. Therefore, it is now a big part of the growing industry. And with that, more players are exploiting the opportunities the industry brings. 

We can be sure that the opportunity will keep going, and as a result, more people will be around to enjoy the growth. So, let’s check out some of the top athletes who participate in online gaming today. 

Anthony Davis

Every fan of AD can testify to how much this man loves his NBA 2K game. He once explained that he has all the versions of the game dating back to 2007, showing Unibrow’s significant commitment to this game. And with the introduction of the NBA 2K online version, he is one of the top players that explore online games today. 

Eric Berry

Kansas City Chiefs Eric Berry has one of the most touching stories of the 21st-century Pro Bowl. He is a cancer survivor, and seven months after his diagnosis, he made the Pro Bowl, showing grit and bravery. Aside from that, Berry is a die-hard fan of the Madden franchise. He is known to explore the various versions available. 

Emmanuel Frimpong

If we are to pick an athlete that can compete against pro gamers, Emmanuel Frimpong will be one of the top names considered. He is so good that he has beaten a few professional gamers. The soccer star has a lot of gaming skills that make him a top pick for professional gaming. However, he might be nursing the idea of playing video games professionally. 

Paul George

In the history of the NBA, Paul George isn’t easily forgotten. He has had an incredible career and will remain one of the league’s best players. George is also an NBA 2K lover and is better than average. He is an incredible 2K player with lots of talent. We expect him to continue participating in online gaming as well. 

Damian Lillard

Having your name on the cover of a global game is one of the best accolades you can get in the sports world, and Damian Lillard is one of the few NBA players to get one. Aside from being a famous athlete, Lillard is a top gamer, and with his talent, it wasn’t a surprise that he got to be on the cover of the NBA Live 15 from EA sports.  

Demetrious Johnson

Aside from being the first UFC Men’s flyweight champion, Demetrious Johnson is also a huge gamer. He has consistently delivered as a gamer. Although Mighty Mouse doesn’t play many sports video games, Johnson has a collection of incredible games. He talks about playing the Legend of Zelda, Onimusha, and even Tekken. 

Gordon Hayward

Utah Jazz small forward is one of the top athletes dedicated to the esports industry. He enjoys following esports events and is also an avid gamer. Hayward has been a big advocate for the online gaming world, and he even joined the IGN pro league as far back as 2011, showing his commitment to the industry. 

Xavier Woods

When it comes to entertainment sports, Xavier Woods is one of the best athletes around. He is a gifted WWE superstar that has electrified the stage. Various WWE stars have different things to do on the side, and for Woods, esports take center stage. He is an incredible gamer who loves the WWE online video game franchise.

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