What Happened to Baby Dev in AGT 2024?

Baby Dev is best known for his fascinating Mathematical knowledge as the 02 year-old Math genius and the youngest contestant of AGT history.

Age (at audition)02 Years
Position ReachedSelected for the next round
AGT 2024

02 year-old Baby Dev is the youngest to audition on the stage of AGT and everybody got to see why at the end of his performance. This little mathematics genius, who came with his father, fascinated both the judges and the audience with his extraordinary genuineness and cuteness. The baby boy, squealed in delight by jumping and smiling once he solved a mathematical equation in a shocking way and won the hearts of the audience.


Baby Dev’s father, Duane, a retired police officer, told the resources that they realized their baby’s love for numbers at about 4 months old. Furthermore, he explained that when he switched his early learning Math show away from him Baby Dev would start to cry. Duane said,” And when we turned it back, he would stop. We’re like, all right, he has this love and passion for numbers”.

Baby Dev’s Biography 

Baby Dev is the youngest contestant to attend an America’s Got Talent audition ever. He is a mathematical genius who is capable of solving equations in an unbelievable manner.

Real Name  Devan Defreitas
Age 02 Years
AGT 2024

Family & Relationships

This genius little guy’s passion was always supported by his parents. His father revealed that “And also, his first word was ‘seven,’ and we thought that was pretty cool.”

What happened in America’s Got Talent?


The audience of AGT 2024, Season19 was curious when they first saw Baby Dev. His father, Duane asked Howie Mandel for a number first and the asked another one digit number. The multiplication was solved so easily by Baby Dev and when the audience cheered, he started jumping and smiling happily. The next questions of addition and a two digits multiplication was easily and amazing solved by Baby Dev. As one audience member pointed out, “He’s not even using his fingers” to count. After solving the final question, unanimously all the judges voted “yes” for this little genius.

When Simon Cowell asked, “Devon, will you help me negotiate my next deal?”, the little boy responded, “Yes!”.

“We’re all sitting here thinking the same thing: get us a calculator”.

Simon Cowell

And after the performance Simon Cowell, added, “I now feel really stupid.”

Social Media


This charming little guy has won the hearts of AGT 2024, Season19 in a wonderful manner. Obviously everyone watching America’s Got Talent 2024 is surely eager to see what mathematical magic Baby Dev will come up with next.

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