A-List Celebrities Are Showing Their Support To Israel After Hamas Attack.

A-List Celebrities Are Showing Their Support To Israel After Hamas Attack.

After the recent attacks on Israel by Hamas, several Hollywood stars showed their support for Israel on social media. Several stars posted emotional messages on their social media accounts. They are horrified at the events unraveling in the conflict zone. Read on to find out who were the A-List celebrities who support Israel.

Hollywood Celebs Show Their Support!

Actor Mark Hamill wrote on X (formerly Twitter) that “America stands with Israel.” He shared an image of an American flag next to the Israeli flag. Natalie Portman, the Star actress who was born in Jerusalem as Natalie Hershlag also expressed on social media. She wrote that her “heart was shattered for the people of Israel.” She went on to add, “Children, women, and the elderly have been murdered and abducted from their own homes. I am in horror at the barbaric acts and my heart is pounding with love and prayer for the families of all affected.”

Musical legend Madonna posted a video on Instagram. She shared along with a caption saying, “happening in Israel is devastating.” She wrote, “Watching all of these families and especially children being herded, assaulted, and murdered in the streets is Heartbreaking. Imagine if this was happening to you. It’s unfathomable.”

Liev Schreiber also shared a post from the antisemitism organization Stand With Us, with an image of the Israeli flag. “Now and always, we stand with the people of Israel.” Below the post, he wrote, “We stand with the people of Israel and the IDF in their fight against Hamas and other terrorist groups. We hope this war ends as soon as possible, for the sake of peace.” Actress Isla Fisher shared an image of hostages Doron Asher and her daughters. They were allegedly abducted by Hamas in southern Israel. Fisher wrote alongside the image, “There is no excuse for the deliberate killing and kidnapping of innocent civilians anytime anywhere ever.

More Stars Support

David Foster’s daughter, Erin Foster, “The Vampire Diaries” actress Nina Dobrev, “New Girl” star Max Greenfield, Kylie Jenner, Gal Gadot, Bruno Mars, Amy Schumer, and Jamie Lee Curtis were some of the A-List celebrities who stood in solidarity with Israel.

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