What Happened to Matt Meese | The Viral Goalie Who Got Hit in the Face by Every Penalty Kick

What Happened to Matt Meese | The Viral Goalie Who Got Hit in the Face by Every Penalty Kick

If you remember the viral video of that football goalie getting hit 5 times in the face during the match, You might wonder who is he. He is none other, Matt Meese. Matt is not just a viral sensation, he is a famous scriptwriter and actor.  The viral success of his Studio C video sparked public interest and curiosity about what happened to Matt Messe, the man behind the Scott Sterling meme.

Who is Matt Meese

Matt Meese is an original creator of the beloved sketch comedy show Studio C, alongside executive producer Jared Shores. Beyond his creative prowess, Meese became famous for portraying various recurring comic characters like the Shoulder Angel, Mr. Eckelstone, and the infamously invincible goalie, Scott Sterling. In his most famous video from 2014, Meese, as Scott Sterling, faces a series of penalty kicks in a hilariously agonizing ordeal that ends with his team’s victory—all thanks to his face’s unwitting defense.

What Happened to Matt Meese

The caricature of an indestructible goalie took the internet by storm. Meese’s perfect comedic timing and expression brought the sketch to viral life, amassing over 10 million views in just a mere 10 days back in 2014. Despite the spreading of a false report by a Croatian news channel declaring his demise, Matt Meese is very much alive and thriving. The success of the viral video opened a plethora of opportunities for the talented writer and actor, allowing him to continue bringing laughter and entertainment to people everywhere.

Matt Meese’s Journey

Before his burst into viral fame, Matt Meese lived a life that showcased a penchant for performance and an ever-growing love for comedy. Born in New Jersey and raised in Phoenix, Matt’s journey at BYU led him down the path of sketch comedy, which he later claimed was effectively his major. He worked jobs as mundane as a paperboy and as unique as staff at the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum. Matt’s discovery that making others laugh was his true calling came after a soccer injury led him to introspection and a renewed passion for performance, eventually leading to the creation of Studio C and his lovable characters.

What Is Matt Meese Doing Now?

Finding out what happened to Matt Meese now involves uncovering how he’s projecting his infectious energy into new projects since parting ways with Studio C. Meese embarked on new sketch comedy adventures with JK! Studios, competing in NBC’s comedy competition show “Bring the Funny.” As he continues to work in the field he loves, Meese is focusing on writing and starring in new productions, showing no signs of slowing down or veering away from the spotlight that loves him as much as he loves it.


Matt Meese’s trajectory from an earnest performer to viral icon exemplifies the unpredictability of internet fame. His story from Studio C to Scott Sterling and beyond reminds us all of the enduring power of humor and the unexpected doors it can open. While viral fame often flickers as fast as it flames, Meese’s resilience and talent have solidified his place as a mainstay in the world of clean, family-friendly comedy.

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