What Happened to Marty Putz after BGT 2018? Here are some quick facts.

What Happened to Marty Putz after BGT 2018? Here are some quick facts.

The 55-years-old prop Comedian Marty Putz enjoyed all his inventory comedy acts on BGT 2018. His unique type of performance makes the audience laugh throughout the season. The audience went wild and two lady judges went off from the audience due to his funny acts on the Britain’s Got Talent’s stage. Here are some facts about Marty putz’s life, family, relationships, career, social media, and net worth.

What happened to Marty Putz after Britain’s Got Talent? 

Marty Putz is a comedian. He has 358 followers on Instagram. He has traveled the globe and made numerous television appearances. Based on his brand of humor has developed theme park shows and network television shows. He is a great comedian and still participates in shows.

What is Marty Putz doing now?

After the BGT 2018, Marty continued his career as a professional comedian. He continues to perform on TV shows, events, festivals and shows all around the world.

Where is Marty Putz now in 2022?

BGT comedian Marty Putz now living in Los Angeles, US.

More detilas about Marty Putz

What Happened to Marty Putz after BGT 2018? Here are some quick facts.


Marty’s full name is Marty Putz. He is a Canadian. Marty’s birth place is Toronto, Canada. But now he currently resides in Los Angeles, United States. Putz is an inventor and professional visual and prop comedian.

In addition to that, he is a Scriptwriter and tv show producer. His birthday is 16th May 1963. Now he is 59 years old. When Putz appeared on BGT he was just 55 years old.

Here are some facts about him.

Height170 cm
Where is Marty Putz from?Toronto, Canada
Net worth now3 Million USD
Web sitewww.martyputz.com

Family and Relationships

Marty was inspired by his grandad. Her mother is a Singaporean woman. His mom and dad met in Canada and got married. But both are not Canadians.

His family is from Liverpool. There is nothing much about his father. No information about his marital status. He did not reveal his relationships.

What happened to Marty Putz on Britain’s Got Talent?


Marty introduced himself as an inventory comedian to the audience. Marty started his audition by ironing his face, and then he had a nose similar to that of a pig’s. Then he fired a large amount of toilet paper in Simon’s face.

After the audition, David said, “This is the funniest thing I think I have ever seen in my life.”  Finally, he got four yes votes and advanced to the next round.

Live shows

Putz showed some of his inventions during his Semifinal performance on BGT. His performance includes a jet-pack, a pizza-box mask, a head sharpener, and a human baseball. He disturbs all four judges and they all pressed their buzzers to react to him.

But after the act, David remarked “I know lots of kids watch this show, and I think they are gone absolutely love you.” But Marty got eliminated from the semifinals as he didn’t receive enough people’s votes.

How far did Marty Putz go to BGT?

Mart Putz did not win the BGT season 12. He was eliminated from the semifinals.


Marty is a famous character on the University and college circuit in both Canada and the United States and it helps to win the “Campus Comedian of the year.” He had the chance to appear at the Just for Laughs International Comedy festival.

He got established in the world of comedy by performing on shows like “The tonight show with Jay Leno”, Fox’s Comic Strip Live, and Comedy Central’s Make me laugh. Eventually, Putz became a professional comedian performing in sold-out shows far away in London, Australia, and Cyprus.

Marty Putz’s TV shows appearances

  • The Tournament’ for CBC Canada
  • Marty’s Party for Cedar Fair Entertainment

Social Media

Marty’s debut performance on BGT is still getting viral and passed over 3.1 million views on YouTube. His semifinal performance made BGT special and received over 388K views on YouTube.

Marty has an Instagram account with 359 followers. He has posted only 12 posts in it. It seems like he didn’t use his Instagram account for the last four years.

Putz has over 900 followers on Facebook. You can follow Marty Putz on Twitter also. He already has 173 followers on it. Putz joined Twitter on August 2011.

Marty Putz’s Social Links

How much is Marty Putz’ Net Worth in 20022?

There are no exact figures on his net worth. But his approximate net worth is around $3 million.

He may earn a considerable amount of money by performing as a prop comedian in many shows, events, parties, concerts, and festivals all around the world. Also, he had a good income through working as a presenter on TV shows.


Although most of Marty’s career facts are in this article, there is nothing much about his family, and net worth. Even though Putz is a famous character in the world he didn’t maintain his social media accounts regularly. But it seems like his comedy acts are more suitable for kids than adults.


How old is Marty Putz now?

Marty Putz is 59 years old now.

What is Marty Putz’s “The RAZZAMATAZZ Comedy Show?

It is a comedy show done by Marty Putz in over 15 cities to raise money and awareness for the Kids foundation of New Zealand.

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