Where is Hoopalicious Now? | Net worth, Relationships and More about AGT Star

Calm and collected Hooper, Anah, aka ‘Hoopalicious’ was an AGT semifinalist on season 1 of the show. Her cool, relaxing and calming performance, captivated her audience and judges. Even though her net worth is unknown, Anah is busy with various coaching lessons on hooping as well as blog posts about self development, spirituality and self transformation. What else is the athletic hooper upto now? Keep reading and find out!

Biography & Early Life

Anah Reichenbach had very open-minded and supportive pair of parents, she said in her AGT interview, that allowed to pursue her dreams and a career of professional hoola hooping. They even went as far as bragging about their daughter’s hobby.

Known asHoopalicious
Real nameAnah Reichenbach
ProfessionHooper, Writer, Speaker

Family & Relationships

According to Anah she had incredibly supportive and open minded parents

FatherName unknown but occupation is Musician
MotherName unknown but occupation is Activist
Spouse/ Boyfriend/ GirlfriendUnknown

What happened to Hoopalicous in AGT?

In 2006, Anah auditioned her act to an untelevised audience and made it through to the semifinals. Here, she performed her act with an incredibly calm and cool demeaner to the sound of flutes. The judges applauded her and she managed to secure three yes’s thanks to Pierce Morgan accidently pressing the buzzer. Unfortunately, she was unable to secure enough votes, thus eliminating her from the show.

What’s Hoopalicious doing now?

Post her AGT performance, Anah has taken to social media to showcase her hoop skills and teach viewers to utilize this art as a form of exercises and meditation. Her blog, title “Deep and Light” also offers coaching lessons on hooping as well as blog posts about self development, spirituality and self transformation.
She also hosts events centered around wellness that include games and interaction

Hoopalicious net worth

No record or mention has been made regarding Anah’s net worth

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Social media


From wowing the world with her fluid hooping, to continuing to wow the world with her wellness practices and spirituality, Anah Reichenbach has kept on giving!


Does Anah/ Hoopalicious own a blog?

Yes! ITs called DeepandLight.com. Check it out here. https://www.deepandlight.com/

How did Anah manage to get three ticks from the judges?

Brandy and David were impressed enough to award her with 2 yeses however Pierce was quite hesitant but accidently pressed the button, giving Anah her third ‘tick’.

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