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What Happened to Donchez Dacres after BGT 2018? Here are some quick facts.

What Happened to Donchez Dacres after BGT 2018? Here are some quick facts.

The 60-year-old vocalist impressed all the judges and audience in his debut performance on BGT Season 12. The audience went wild with his remarkable audition and David press his golden buzzer to send him directly to the semifinals. Here are some quick facts about Donchez Dacres’ life, family, relationships, career, and net worth.

Donchez Dacres participated in Britain’s Got Talent in 2018. He got eliminated from the finals. Here are some facts about him.

BirthdayFebruary 24, 1958 
Height185 cm
Where is Donchez Dacres from?Wolverhampton, UK
Net worth now1.5 Million USD

Where is Donchez Dacres now? & what is he doing now? 

Donchez currently resides in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. Donchez Dacres is a singer. He has 9.3k followers on Instagram. Donchez Dacres is a singer/songwriter from the UK. Over 70 million people have watched his contagious performance on YouTube. After BGT, he continued to maintain his reputation by releasing his own music albums.

What Happened to Donchez Dacres after BGT 2018? Here are some quick facts.

Donchez Dacres Biography

Donchez’s full name is Donchez Dacres. Donchez is from Wolverhampton. He is a British-born Jamaicanraised man who lived in Britain since 18 years old. Now Dacres is 64 years of age. His birthday is 24th February 2022. Dacres’ birth sign is Pisces. Dacres was born in Nottingham. But he spent most of his childhood in Jamaica. At the age of 18, he returned back to Nottingham.

His ethnicity is black. The vocalist’s skin color and hair color are also black. Donchez is famous as a pop singer and songwriter. But his songs are influenced by Reggae music. He was a former technician for around 30 years.

Family and Relationships

Dacres’ marital status is married. His wife’s name is Hifra Dacres. He has four loving daughters named Maxime, Anneka, Rachael, and Leannah. One of his daughters works at Ronacher Theater Wien. He has two grandchildren called Harry Brant Chandler and Mike Chandler.

What happened to Donchez Dacres on Britain’s Got Talent?


The 60 years old Donchez came to the BGT to share one of his originals with the audience. He sang his own song called “Wiggle Wine” with his own kind of dance. It was an amazing performance and all the judges except Simon came to the stage to dance to his song.

BGT singer Donchez redesigned the BGT’s atmosphere with his incredible performance. The audience went wild for his audition. Then Judge David surprised all by pressing the Golden Buzzer and immediately sending him to the semi-finals.

Live shows

The pop singer performed his original song again for the semi-finals. His performance was set with a bunch of dancing women. “You brought the island vibe tonight” Alesha declares her thoughts.

“This is one of the nuttiest acts I have had tonight” Simon added. Eventually, Donchez advanced to the finals.


He started his final performance from the back of the arena. He sang a new song with the hook “I’m only a man, I do what I can.” Then he again performed “Wiggle Wine” for the third time in BGT 2018.

After the performance, Alesha said the song was “the anthem of Britain’s Got Talent 2018.” “I want you to win this show so much” David expresses his love for Donchez. However, he finished the competition in third place, behind comedians Lost Voice Guy and Robert White.

Did Donchez Dacres win BGT?

No, Donchez Dacres did not win the BGT season 12. He won third place in Britain’s Got Talent 2018.


After coming to Nottingham, he joined the mechanical field for his higher studies. Then he worked as a breakdown technician at AA for around 30 years. Also, he used to sing his own songs in small clubs at night. Donchez Dacres is talented about songs writings too. BGT singer Donchez has released a number of tracks to his YouTube page including the track “Christmas Party.” He released his song officially, “Wiggle Wine” in the year 2018.

Donchez Dacres songs

  • Wiggle Wine
  • Pretty Little Lady
  • Only a man
  • Big Butt Lizzy
  • It Ain’t Over
  • Long Time Dal

Social Media

Donchez’s debut performance on BGT is still getting viral and passed over 70 million views on YouTube. His final performance made BGT a carnival and he received over 6.8 million views on YouTube. Dacres has his own YouTube channel and it has passed over 38.3K subscribers. He has already dropped 28 videos into it. Donchez already gathered over 4.9 million likes for his YouTube channel.

BGT singer Donchez has his own Instagram account with over 9.2K followers. He has already posted 270 posts in it. The pop singer has his own Facebook account with 2367 followers. Also, Dacres maintains a Facebook page with more than 3K followers. You can have Donchez’s contact number and Email address through his Facebook page. Dacres is now available on Apple music too.

Donchez Dacres’s Social Links

Donchez Dacres’ Net Worth

There are no exact figures on his net worth. But his approximate net worth is around $1.5 million. He may earn a considerable amount of money by performing as a singer in musical shows, events, parties, concerts, and festivals. Surely Donchez may be resigned from his past job to focus on his music career.  


Although most of Dacres’ facts are in this article, there is nothing much about his family, and net worth. Even though Donchez sang the same song three times in a row, he earned the same amount of appreciation from all. However, he became one of the best contestants out of all as his song “Wiggle Wine” is whispered by all BGT’s fans.


How old is Donchez Dacres now?

Donchez Dacres is 64 years old now.

What is Donchez Dacres doing now?

Now Donchez is a professional vocalist and songwriter who spent his time with his music. He is performing regularly on shows, concerts, festivals, and many other musical events as he has already kept his mark on pop music.

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