Why  Michael Jackson’s Son Bigi Takes Grandma Katherine to Court ?

Initially Bigi & his grandma teamed up to put the brakes on a big business move by the folks handling Jackson's estate, The big business move been shrouded in mystery, but based on recent reporting it seems like it related to the deal that  Michael's estate executors, made with  Sony to sell about half of Michael's music catalog for 600 million dollars.

Bigi & his grandma  took the case to court, but unfortunately, the judge didn't see it their way, and case seemed  to wrap up on the  legal front.

Since the case came to a closure, Katherine's gearing up to appeal the ruling on that hefty $600 million deal with Sony. After that Bigi Jackson declared a lawsuit against his grandmother saying he doesn't want any involvement, especially since he doesn't want his dad's estate footing the bill, for his grandma's legal expenses in this mysterious appeal.