Brave Student Takes the Wheel and Saved 56  Lives in a Bus Crash

The incident occurred following a blowout on the Interstate on a Dixon Motor Express charter bus. The bus was transporting fraternity members and guests to an event in New Orleans

The driver was 55-year-old Tina Wilson. She lost control after a tire blew out but tried to stand with the steering wheel to avoid the crash. Unfortunately, when the  bus hit a rough patch on the road, the windshield shattered and ejected the driver and the bus started to move without a driver.

Then Paul Clune, a USC student, jumped up and ran to the front of the bus and grabbed the steering wheel and stopped the bus from tipping over. Saving 56 lives onboard

Despite his efforts,  eleven people were injured in the incident. Two including the driver were immediately airlifted for the treatments. Followingly nine other students were taken to local hospitals by ambulance.