This Woman From Uganda Gave Birth To 44 Children | She Had Them All By The Age 40!

By the age of 40, Mariam achieved the extraordinary, giving birth to 44 children. Her story of resilience begins in the heart of Uganda.

Married at 12 and a mother by 13, Mariam's journey was marked by early trials and a rare genetic condition leading to hyperovulation."

Mariam's family includes five sets of quadruplets, five sets of triplets, and more, a testament to her remarkable story of motherhood.

Despite her husband's abandonment, Mariam's indomitable spirit sees her through, raising 44 children single-handedly with resilience and grace.

In Kasawo, Mariam juggles roles as a tailor, herbalist, and mother, showcasing her unwavering spirit and dedication to her family.

Mariam dreams of sustainability and independence for her family, aspiring for a better future against all odds.