This Man Ate An Entire Airplane | A "Superhuman" Ability To Digest Metals!

Earning a Guinness World Record for the "World's Strangest Diet," Lotito included metals, rubber, and glass in his meals.

At the age of 16, Michel Lotito's bizarre diet transitioned from a party trick to a career. He showed his unique abilities on global stages.

Lotito's diet defied belief. By the age of 57, he has consumed over 18 bicycles, 15 supermarket trolleys, 8 chandeliers, and of course an entire airplane.

In 1978, he attempted to eat a Cessna 150 aircraft. First, he cut the components of the aircraft into small pieces. Within two years he finished eating the entire airplane.

There is a surprising science behind Lotito's capability to digest metal. He has extraordinary digestion but also a psychological condition called "Pica."

Michel Lotito's life reminds us of the human body's marvels and the critical balance between exploring the unknown and respecting our limits.