There's A Whole Another Country In The USA | This Small Nation Uses Cookie Dough As Currency!

Born from the dreams of Kevin Baugh and James Spielman in 1977, Molossia stands as a testament to imagination. It is evolving from the Grand Republic of Goldstein to today's Republic.

With its own navy, space program, and even time zone, Molossia redefines what a country can be, all valued against the delightful measure of Pillsbury cookie dough.

A passport entry into a world where 38 citizens enjoy unique services, from a movie theatre to an online radio, all within a 'third-world' setting with first-class charm.

"Forget gold or silver; our currency is chocolate chip cookie dough," declares President Baugh. A tube of cookie dough equals 5 Valora, showcasing Molossia's whimsical economy.

With five inflatable boats at the ready, Molossia's navy explores and protects, embodying the spirit of adventure and defense.

In Molossia, walruses, onions, spinach, and catfish are contraband, with a jail awaiting those who dare to bring them in.

Molossia is more than a micronation; it's a story of imagination, heritage, and community.