Shocking Range of Mountains Found Under The Ocean Is Taller Than 5000 Feet!

The Australian research vessel, with the latest technology, has unveiled a chain of eight dormant volcanoes.

A breakthrough led by cutting-edge mapping technology and the multibeam echosounder system aboard 'The Investigator' reveals four previously unknown volcanic seamounts.

These ancient guardians, rising more than 1,500 meters above the seafloor, rest in the fierce currents of the Southern Ocean.

Surveyed just west of a dramatic cliff dropping over 5,249 feet, this ridge of volcanic giants tells a story of the Earth's history, dating back 20 million years.

Chris Yule, a leading researcher, sheds light on the significance of these formations, marking a new chapter in our understanding of the Earth's mysteries.

This discovery not only advances scientific exploration but also underscores the importance of conserving our planet's hidden wonders.