Largest Ever Anaconda Found In Amazon

Meet Professor Freek Vonk, National Geographic explorers, and celebrity Will Smith. Together, they embarked on an adventure that would lead them to the world's largest anaconda.

In the heart of the Amazon, they found an anaconda measuring 26 feet, with a head as large as a human's. A moment that took their breath away.

Weighing around 500kg (1,100 pounds), this anaconda isn't just massive; it's the heaviest snake ever recorded

'Eunectes akayima', a species larger and heavier than any known snake, marks a significant addition to the green anaconda family.

Explore the life of anacondas, their ecological role, and why they've captivated our imagination through myths and legends.

This discovery not only challenges our views on snake biology but also highlights the importance of the Amazon and its conservation.