How Much Does It Cost to Date Taylor Swift?

According to the American tabloid press,Travis Kelce has spent $8M trying to impress billionaire singer, Taylor Swift in just  six months

Only for Valentine’s Day gifts for Swift, Travis dropped over $20,000, including a $3,000 piece from Daum, a French crystal maker, hailed as a symbol of eternal love that captures a profound emotion.

Travis didn't stop there; he also picked up two lavish boxes filled with 250 roses, shelling out over $2,000, added a $5,100 Hermes scarf, a Bottega Veneta handbag worth $5,100, and topped it off with a $1,050 beret from Dior.

Also in earlier in their relationship Travis gifted a pair of gold bracelets to taylor, each encrusted with diamonds to form the letters “TNT” – “Travis and Taylor”. reportedly it costs  $6,000

Flying around the globe to catch his girlfriend's performances and squeezing in quality time between their busy calendars is believed to have cost Travis over  $1.5 million.